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View Quote Gage: [on the phone] First I played with Judd. Then mommy came, and I played with mommy. We played, daddy, we had a awful good time! Now, I want to play with you...
Louis: What did you do? [Gage laughs wickedly] WHAT DID YOU DO!?
View Quote Louis: Has anyone ever buried a person up there?
Jud: Christ on His Throne, NO! Whoever would!?
View Quote Louis: I'll bite, Jud. What's the bottom of the truth?
Jud: That, sometimes, dead is better. The person that you put up there ain't the person that comes back. It might look like that person, but it ain't that person, because whatever lives on the ground beyond the Pet Sematary ain't human at all.
View Quote Rachel: It's okay, Ellie! You just had a bad dream.
Ellie: It wasn't a dream, it was Paxcow! Paxcow says daddy is going to do something really bad!
Rachel: Who is this Paxcow?
Ellie: He's a ghost, a good ghost! He was sent to warn us!
View Quote Victor: I'm sorry Louis. I'm very sorry, but don't make it worse! Don't!
Louis: I waited too long with Gage. But with Rachel... it will work this time! Because she just died; she died just a little while ago!
Victor: Please, Louis! NOOOOOO! [fades out of existence]
View Quote [at Gage's funeral; to Louis] I knew this would happen. I told her when you were first married you'd have all the grief you can stand and more, I said. Now look at this. I hope you rot in hell! Where were you when he was playing in the road? You stinkin' shit! You killer of children! [punches Louis]
View Quote [crying, after Church dies] But he's not God's cat, he's my cat... let God get His own if He wants one... not mine.
View Quote [her last line, to Louis, after being reanimated] Darling. [as he embraces her, she picks up a butcher knife from the counter...and kills him with it]
View Quote God sees the truth, but waits.
View Quote I'm coming for you, Rachel... And this time, I'll get you... Gage and I will both get you, for letting us die... [cackles]
View Quote Rachel, is that you? I've been waiting for you, Rachel. And now I'm going to twist your back like mine, so you'll never get out of bed again... Never get out of bed again...NEVER GET OUT OF BED AGAIN!
View Quote The barrier was not meant to be crossed. The ground is sour.
View Quote The soil of a man's heart is stonier, Louis. A man grows what he can, and he tends it. 'Cause what you buy, is what you own. And what you own... always comes home to you.
View Quote Today is thanksgiving day for cats, but only if they came back from the dead.