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Ki-taek: [practicing what he will say] Anyway. I wasn't trying to eavesdrop, but her words came through clearly! So I couldn't help but...
Ki-woo: Cut, cut! Dad, your emotions are up to here. Bring them down to about there.
Ki-taek: So I couldn't help but overhear...
Ki-woo: Keep it focused!
Ki-taek: [to Mrs. Park] What I'm trying to say is... it's just that, your housekeeper's voice is quite loud, you know?
Yeon-kyo: I understand, it's all right. Just tell me, okay?
Ki-taek: She said she got diagnosed with active tuberculosis and she was practically shouting over the phone, so upset she could barely control herself!
Yeon-kyo: Tuberculosis? Come on...
Ki-taek: It's true, she phoned someone saying she had active TB.
Ki-woo, Park Yeon-kyo: Do people still get TB?
[cut back to the Kims]
Ki-woo: Dad, back in the day, people used to buy Christmas Seals, right? Feels like a bygone era.
[cut back to Ki-taek and Mrs. Park]
Ki-taek: But I saw it on the internet. Korea has the #1 rate of TB of all the OECD countries.
[cut back to the Kims]
Ki-woo: But she's still working, as if nothing's wrong – with a kid like Da-song in the house.
[cut back to Ki-taek and Mrs. Park]
Ki-taek: So you've got a young kid like Da-song in the house, and a TB patient is doing dishes, cooking, spraying spittle...
Yeon-kyo: Stop it, please!
[cut to the Kims putting peach fuzz on Moon-gwang, causing her to fall sick again, and Ki-taek using chili sauce to fake Moon-gwang's blood]

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