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Padmaavat quotes

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Alauddin Khalji
Ratan Singh

View Quote Alauddin: What are you looking at?
Raghav Chetan: Your past! Ostrich feathers smeared with blood. A red stone studded crown. A crown that will rule the world! Alexander the Great! You will be the next Alexander! But this is only possible when she is with you.
Alauddin: Who?
Raghav Chetan: She's an illusion! A creation of God. Her face glows like moonlight. Her luminous beauty radiates far and beyond. She is the essence of life. A mere glimpse of her shadow would make you desire her. Such beauty can exist only in dreams. I assure you. One look at her and you’ll never be able to get her off your mind. She will change your destiny. If you win her over... Mewar will be yours! India will be yours! The world will be at your feet, even paradise!
View Quote Ratan Singh: What is your name?
Padmavati: Every leaf here knows my name.
View Quote Chittor will witness another war, one that is unseen and unheard of. We women will have to lead it from the very front. And that war shall be the biggest defeat of Alauddin's life.
View Quote Even the goddess had to descend from her abode to slay the demons.
View Quote One who masters any situation, is a Rajput. One who accepts all challenges and emerges victorious, is a Rajput. The one who never gives up and fights the enemy till his very last breath, is a Rajput.
View Quote Please inform your Sultan: We have more steel in our nerves than in his entire armory.
View Quote Sometimes accidents can be beautiful, just like this place of yours!
View Quote The Rajput women are as much a warrior as Rajput men.
View Quote We Khiljis saw a dream together, that one day our flag will soar all over the world.