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Chief of Staff: Now, as I understand it, you want to firebomb the town of Cedar Creek, California, population 2600, with something called a "fuel-air bomb", the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in our arsenal. The way it works, it explodes, sucks in all available oxygen to the core, vaporizes everything within a mile of ground zero — men, women, children, and one airborne virus. Destruction complete, case closed, crisis over.
[He pulls out a small booklet from his back pocket.]
Chief of Staff: This... Constitution of the United States... I've read it cover to cover. I don't find anything in it about vaporizing 2600 American citizens, but it does sayseveral times — that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process.
Chief of Staff: So, a couple of things before "Cleansweep" is even considered: One, unanimous, unwavering support for the president on this one and I mean public. You're gonna stand there shoulder to shoulder with him - he goes down, you go down. Second, I want an army of experts sighting hundreds of thousands of lab experiments, telling any idiot with a camera, that there was no other way! You got that? Hmm? No person of this government is going to go sneaking off to the Washington post telling how "they were the sold voice of opposition". If there is a voice of opposition out there, I want him in here now!
[Throws a wad of photos on the table.]
Chief of Staff: Those are the citizens of Cedar Creek, go ahead take a look at them - these are not statistics ladies and gentlemen - they're flesh and blood! I want you to burn those images into your memories, because they should haunt you until the day you die!

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