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Outbreak quotes

25 total quotes

View Quote [Airport dispatch Sergeant Wolf tries to call General Ford to confirm Daniels' change to Cedar Creek.]
Sam Daniels: You call the tower right now, and you tell 'em to change my flight plans. Put your finger on the phone! Put your finger on the phone.
Sgt. Wolf: This could mean my stripes, sir.
Sam Daniels: It'll mean your ass if you don't put your finger on the phone. Finger the phone. Finger it.
View Quote [Colonel Briggs hands General McClintock an address.]
Col. Briggs: They're headed right there, and I got two teams on standby.
Gen. Donald McClintock: Good, Briggs — a potential screw-up you managed to avoid among many others you have not. Who do you think should handle this now?
Col. Briggs: You, sir?
Gen. Donald McClintock: You kiss ass with the best of them, Briggs. You hope to make General one day?
Col. Briggs: Yes, sir.
Gen. Donald McClintock: Well, you won't.
View Quote [Daniels and Salt barge through a crowded line at a Federal export clearance office.]
Sam Daniels: Colonel Daniels, from USAMRIID. I'm sorry.
George: Yes, and I'm George from Sioux City, Iowa. Back of the line, Colonel.
Sam Daniels: We got a terrible epidemic. We're from Cedar Creek, George. [to the crowd] We're from Cedar Creek, California!
[Everyone backs away. George looks worried.]
Sam Daniels: George, you heard about this virus — need we say more? Okay, we need all the bills of lading from ships arriving from Africa [clasps George's hands] in the last three months. George!
George: [nervously] Uh-huh... huh?
Sam Daniels: Shall I cough on you, George?
. . .
Maj. Salt: The Tae Kuk has set out to sea already, sir.
Sam Daniels: So what?
Maj. Salt: How're we gonna locate it?
Mrs. Pananides: I got a friend in the Coast Guard. I can make a call, easy.
Sam Daniels: How close a friend?
Mrs. Pananides: Closer than his wife would like.
View Quote [Daniels tries to stop the oncoming bomber plane.]
Sam Daniels: Ohh, Christ, guys, if you think I'm lying, drop the bomb. If you think I'm crazy, drop the bomb. But don't drop the bomb just because you're following orders!
View Quote [Gen. Ford refuses to send Col. Daniels to Cedar Creek.]
Billy Ford: Now, I'm your boss; I have my boss. Is that clear to you?!
Sam Daniels: Yeah. Get your boss on the phone! Call up McClintock! Tell him to put me on a plane before the two of you kill a lot of people!
Billy Ford: Colonel, I'm gonna suggest that you shut up now before you say something else you're gonna be sorry for. And don't forget who you're talking to!
Sam Daniels: Well, tell me who I'm talking to, 'cause I don't know who I'm talking to anymore, Billy. Am I talking to USAMRIID? The Pentagon? The CIA? ****ing McClintock? Dugway?
View Quote [Sam and Casey caution eager new team member Major Salt.]
Sam Daniels: It's just one of those panics that puts us all in danger.
Casey Schuler: And he's under direct orders not to die out there. And that's one set of orders he's actually planning on following.
View Quote [Sam and Robby talk as she's recovering from the disease.]
Robby Keough: It's a pretty unique experience.
Sam Daniels: Sorta like living with me.
Robby Keough: Mm-hmm.
Sam Daniels: Would you go through it again?
Robby Keough: Maybe. Now that I have the antibodies.
View Quote [Sam looks over Casey's shoulder as he dictates the Motaba Valley outbreak report.]
Sam Daniels: "Alarmingly high fatality. All localized within a three-mile radius... incubation period short... appears contained." Alarming! Casey, you didn't put "alarming".
Casey Schuler: It's an adverb, Sam. It's a lazy tool of a weak mind.
View Quote [Sam rouses Casey out of his viral delirium.]
Casey Schuler: How many brain cells did I kill?
Sam Daniels: How many? 'Bout a billion.
Casey Schuler: Ooh... now I'm only as smart as you.
Sam Daniels: Heh-heh. What can we give him to kill his sense of humor?
View Quote [Sam tries unsuccessfully to get Robby to issue a CDC alert.]
Sam Daniels: Once in your life, take a chance!
Robby Keough: You know what, Sam? I did. I married you.