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[Kate's cell phone is ringing, Kate wakes up and answers it.]
Kate: Hello?
Dr. Varava: Is this Kate Coleman? [small pause] Hello?
Kate: Yeah, this is she.
Dr. Varava: My name is Dr. Varava. I'm calling from the Saarne Institute. I've just seen the picture you e-mailed.
Kate: And do you recognize her?
Dr. Varava: Where is she right now? Is she someplace where she can hear you?
Kate: No, she's not with me. She's with my husband at home---
Dr. Varava: Call your husband right now, and tell him to get your family out of the house. Then call the police.
Kate: He won't listen to me. Why?
Dr. Varava: Then tell him the little girl in the picture, is not really a little girl. She is a grown woman.
Kate: What? What are you talking about? The picture I sent you is of our adopted daughter, and she's 9 years old.
Dr. Varava: No, she's not. She has a rare hormone disorder. It's called hypopituitarism, it causes proportional dwarfism. She only looks like a child. [checks on the records] According to our records, Leena Klammer was born in 1976. She's 33 years old.
[Kate gets up and dresses up in her normal clothing]
Kate: This can't be. This is a mistake.
Dr. Varava: I hope so, for your sake. Does she have the scars?
Kate Coleman: What? I don't know. What scars?
Dr. Varava: Leena was one of our most violent patients. When she was here, she was kept in a straitjacket to stop her from hurting our staff. She was constantly fighting to get out. It cut into her skin and left her with scars around her wrists and neck. There is no way you could not have seen them.
[Kate rushes through the hospital.]
Kate: Why was she at your hospital?
Dr. Varava: She's dangerously ill, violent. She killed seven people that we know of.
Kate: Oh, my God. How could she fool us?
Dr. Varava: She has been passing herself off as a little girl for most of her life. She tricked a family here in Estonia into adopting her. When she couldn't seduce the father, she killed him and his whole family.
Kate: Then she burned the house down?
Dr. Varava: Yes. How did you know? She disappeared a year ago, and we lost track of her. If it's really Leena, you don't have much time.
[Kate uses the stairs and gets out of the hospital.]

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