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Operation Dumbo Drop

Operation Dumbo Drop quotes

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Capt. T.C. Doyle
David Poole

View Quote C-123 Pilot: Gentleman, I'm responsible for anything that goes in this cargo hold. Now if that thing even twitches, you are gonna see an elephant fly.
View Quote Colonel Nguyen: (after a request to shoot) I did not join this army to shoot elephants, especially ones that fly.
View Quote Harvey Ashford: (seeing a black crow) Bird if I were you, I'd get the hell out of here!
View Quote Lihn: (angry) You nice American? You think you're Number One? You Number Ten!
View Quote Cahill: What if the NVA isn't the first to come along here? What if it's a bunch of school children walking home? Did you ever think about that? No! Why? Because guys like you don't think things through! (slaps Doyle in the forehead)
Doyle: Me? What about you? You've got six people and an elephant risking their lives so that you can go home with a clear conscience. You're afraid that when you're standing up on that rooftop with your brother in Fort Lauderdale, looking back over your sparkling military career, you're not gonna like what you see! So you want to do one good thing before you go, which is great! But your one good thing isn't pulling a kid out of a burning building, or diving on a grenade, it's this! And because it's this, it involves us! But you didn't think about that, did you? No! Why? Because guys like you don't think things through!
View Quote Poole: You know something? This country's really beautiful.
Farley: Yeah. Kind of reminds me of home.
Poole: (bitingly) Oh, really? How exactly does this remind you of home?
Farley: Well...
Poole: No, Farley, tell me, what is it? The spirit-crushing humidity? The disease-bearing insects? Or is it that special feeling that comes from the knowledge that at any given moment, a sniper's bullet could come spiralling towards your forehead?
View Quote Y B'ham: (about Linh) Boy have no family. All killed.
Doyle: You mean in the war?
Y B'ham: (sarcastically) No, hit by falling star... Yes, in war.
View Quote (the group has stopped on the bridge after the truck quits, Poole starts walking in the opposite direction)
Doyle: Poole, where are you going?
Poole: (stalking off) Saigon!
Doyle: Get back here!
Cahill: Poole, do you want me to call General Richardson?
Poole: (turns around) Yeah, Cahill! Yeah, I do! Call General Richardson!I'll get him on the phone for you right now! Because I am sick and tired... (tries to get the radio set open and just drops it, fuming) That's it! I've had it! I was on a plane that almost crashed, I came this close to being killed by an angry mob, and now look at my uniform! It's covered in elephant crap! So you really think I give a damn whether or not you call General Richardson, and tell him I slept with his wife, huh?
Doyle': (stops working on the truck, turns around, almost laughing) You slept with the wife of General "Kill-'em-all-and-let-God-sort-them-out" Richardson?
Poole: I thought it was his daughter.
Doyle: Oh yeah, he would've been fine with that.
View Quote (after the elephant cermony, to Cahill) When you're standing on a roof with your brother in Fort Lauderdale, I think you're really gonna enjoy the view.
View Quote (after watching Cahill and Doyle's argument, in which Farley nearly goes over the bridge) Yep. I'm real happy about my decision to stick with you guys.
View Quote (on his cb radio) Gilman, may I remind you that I have friends who have absolutely no regard for the sanctity of human life? I pick up the phone, I have your head in a bag on my desk tomorrow morning.
View Quote (upset, on the boat) I should be on a top secret mission with crack commandos but instead, I'm in an episode of McHale's Navy starring Dumbo, Mr. French, and the Three Stooges!
View Quote Does anybody else here know how to work an elephant?