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Ooops! Noah Is Gone...

Ooops! Noah Is Gone... quotes

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Mr. Griffin and Mrs. Griffin

View Quote Mr. Griffin: [to Mr. Gorilla] No offense mate, but you're a gorilla, things already got ugly.
View Quote Mr. Griffin: Don't know, but it's helping them.
View Quote Mr. Griffin: Oh, but I was so hungry.
View Quote Mr. Griffin: What the heck was that?
View Quote Mrs. Griffin: Great, they were the only food left!
View Quote Mrs. Griffin: How many times do I have to tell you, EAT SLOWLY!!
View Quote Mrs. Griffin: Looks like we got to come up with... something else!
View Quote Mrs. Griffin: What is that? A giant tortoise?
View Quote Finny: Where are you going?
Leah: None of your business.
Finny: Cool. Count me in!
View Quote Leah: We need to go slow. And one by one, keep a good distant between each other. Some of these rocks are very loose. [touches one of the rocks and they begin to come loose] So wait for my word and then...
[Leah tries to touch one of the rocks]
Finny: [off-screen] And then what? [on-screen when he, Obesey and Stayput are on the rock bridge]
Leah: You got to be kidding me.
[The rock bridge begins to collapses and Finny and his friends fell]
Mr. Griffin: Dinner's coming.
[But then one of the rocks destroys the table and crushes Mrs. Griffin]
Mrs. Griffin: Ahh!
Mr. Griffin: Huh?
[Mr. Griffin avoids two rocks and more rocks fell. Mr. Griffin sees another rock fell but then the other rocks disappear and one falls towards him]
Mr. Griffin: Uh-oh!
[A rock crushes Mr. Griffin]
View Quote Margaret: Look, isn't that those Nestrians?
Flamingo: Oh, yeah. Finally they found where they belong.
Lion Captain: Yeah, probably we should've told them at the check-in, don't you think?
View Quote [Dave meets Lion Captain again]
Dave: Hi! [laughs] How are you... doing? [Hazel looked shocked and palms her face] I was wondering If I have a word with you?
Lion Captain: [stops steering the ship] You again? My you're a persistent little creature.
Dave: [laughs] Oh... [clears his throat] Uh... Your highness [laughs] We... [notices Hazel is gone] Huh.
[Lion Captain roars softly]
Dave: I have a... big problem. Our kids are out there. Captain, you have to turn the ship around, And...
Lion Captain: I believe we discussed that issue.
Dave: But, sir. please...
Lion Captain: [sighs] You're really starting to get on my last nerve...
Dave: But my son... He's all I have!
Lion Captain: I see... I'm not going to get of you that easily. I suppose I could make an exception to the troops between herbivores and CARNIVORES!! [growls]
Dave: Uh...
Lion Captain: I don't think anyone's going to miss our... [suddenly Hazel whacks him] Nestrians...
[Lion Captain falls]
Hazel: I told you, There's no talking to this guy.
View Quote [The Griffins are creating a trap in order to get Finny and his friends]
Mrs. Griffin: Ha, ha!
Mr. Griffin: Ha, ha!
[Mr. Griffin and Mrs. Griffin push rocks and boulders and they kept pushing and then the rocks and boulders created a bridge]
Mr. Griffin: Ha, ha, ha!
Mrs. Griffin: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
Mr. Griffin: Ha, ha, ha, ha!
[Mrs. Griffin touches one of the boulders with her toe and the trap is done]
Mrs. Griffin: That fat toad will go down like a ton of bricks! [laughs evilly]
View Quote [The Griffins have arrived, cutting the line for the animals]
Mr. Gorilla: Hey, do not cut the line!
Mrs. Griffin: Sorry guys, we're in a hurry. It's the Griffins, check the list, if you can read!
[Mr. Gorilla growls at the Griffins]
Prairie Dog: [from inside Mr. Griffin's mouth] Help! Get me out!
[Mr. Griffin shrugs his shoulders and Mr. Gorilla growls]
Prairie Dog: The bat breath is killing me! [Mr. Griffin closes his mouth] Get me out of here!
Mr. Gorilla: [off-screen] Hey, [on-screen] Spit him out! You know the rules.
Mrs. Griffin: [sighs] Can't you pull yourself for once?
[Mr. Griffin spits the prairie dog out of his mouth]
Prairie Dog: [groans] I didn't come here all the way to Kansas to get eaten. [walks off]
Mr. Griffin: Oh... you look so tasty.
Mr. Gorilla: You guys should scram, before things get ugly.
Mr. Griffin: No offense mate, but you're a gorilla, things already got ugly.
[The Griffins laugh at Mr. Gorilla off-screen]
Mr. Gorilla: [growls] You asked for it!
[Mr. Gorilla kicks the Griffins out of the ark and the Griffins are expelled]
View Quote [The Griffins sit on their nest waiting for food to comes]
Mr. Griffin: [groans] I'm famished.
Mrs. Griffin: Huh! Tell me about it. So what now? We wait until food just drops out of the sky?
[Finny and Leah then landed on their nest]
Mrs. Griffin: What the...
Mr. Griffin: [laughs] You are a genius, darling.
Mrs. Griffin: [off-screen] Nothing like home delivery.
[The Griffins laugh evilly and Finny looked shocked while Leah growls at them]
Mr. Griffin: Where's your big slug friend to help you now?
[They stop and then they saw Obesey falling off the cliff]
Mr. Griffin and Mrs. Griffin: Oh, there he is.
[Obesey falls closer and Leah picks up Finny. Obesey then destroys the nest and bumps into the Griffins]
Finny: Obesey!
Leah: Stayput!
Obesey: Remember us!
Stayput: As heroes!
[Obesey and Stayput then falling to their presumed demise]