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Only You (1994)

Only You (1994) quotes

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Faith Corvatch
Kate Corvatch
Peter Wright (aka Damon Bradley)

View Quote Faith: How could you do this to me?
Peter: Because I'm in love with you!
Faith: Ha! What kind of an excuse is that?
View Quote Faith: Okay, look — one hand, two hands — put them together and what do they make?
Student: One.
Faith: Right! So, Plato tells us we began as circles, and when we strived to be like the gods we were punished, by a thunderbolt that struck us, and cut us, right down, dead center, in half. We scattered to the ends of the Earth, searching and searching for our other half. Now, Plato is saying, that if we just stop, and go with the flow, and follow our destiny, It'll lead us back to each other.
View Quote Faith: You are here.
Peter: Yes, I am here, and very real. God! I'm trying to think — there's this poem by, um, Goethe? … yeah, Goethe, and its about two people come from different places, but they hear the same bird singing…
Faith: "perhaps the same bird echoed through both of us yesterday, separate, in the evening"†
Peter: That's it. Exactly.
Faith: Wow. [pauses, gazing into his eyes] Yeah … It was Rilke.
Peter: Rilke? [she nods] Oh well, same country... how'd you know?
Faith: I could tell you some things. †: Faith here quotes Rilke's "You Who Never Arrived", as translated by Stephen Mitchell

View Quote I'm Damon Bradley.
View Quote I can't believe you're gonna let a few little letters of the alphabet keep us apart. It is a detail! Just — look, just call me Damon, okay? It'll be like a nickname.
View Quote I hope you're happy! I hope you're very happy! I don't believe in anything anymore! I don’t believe in the moon or the stars, or the sun … or destiny or magic — or MEN!
View Quote I married a liar. Why? Because I married a man.
View Quote I was born to kiss you.
View Quote Introducing himself to Faith, after she tells him the name of the man she is looking for.