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The Omega Man

The Omega Man quotes

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Robert Neville

View Quote Army officer: [during Neville's flashback to the military conflict] Abort firing! Abort firing! Interception will fragment bacilli carrying missile! Abort firing! Abort firing! Civil Defense announcer: We bring you this Class One bulletin. Martial law has been declared. Stay in your homes! Do not, I repeat, do not venture outdoors without permission. Anyone found on the streets without military orders will be shot. Radio announcment is being made as people are dying from the biological warfare and literally dropping dead in the streets, in vehicles and in place at work and home.
View Quote Lisa: Is there anything you can do, DOCTOR, I mean, seeing as how you've lost over 200 million patients?
View Quote Dutch: I was a med-school senior when they scratched the world. As a matter of fact, I was planning on applying to biowar labs for my post-doc, but, heh-heh, the next term never came.
Robert Neville: Now I'm sorry you didn't make it.
Lisa: Sorry the world didn't make it.
View Quote Dutch: You could save the world.
Lisa: Screw the world, save Ritchie.
View Quote Lisa: All right you son-of-a-bitch, you just hold tight. Up against the wall, you mother!
Neville: My name is Robert.
Lisa: Your name is mud.
View Quote Little Girl: Are you God?
Lisa: Let's find out if he's even a doctor before we go promoting him, okay?
View Quote Matthias: Definition of a scientist — a man who understood nothing until there was nothing left to understand.
Neville: So, there is a little light in the forest after all.
View Quote Matthias: The bad dream is over, friend Neville. Now we can sleep in peace.
Neville: [raspy] Lisa!
Lisa: [weakly] Robert, you're evil. I-I-I'm part of the Family, Robert. I'm sorry.
Lisa: [drowsy] The Family, Robert. Y - Uh... You don't understand. Oh... Robert...
View Quote [after Neville tosses her a submachine gun]
Lisa: What's this for?
Neville: Comfort.
View Quote [describing Neville]
Matthias: One creature, caught. Caught in a place he cannot stir from in the dark, alone, outnumbered hundreds to one, nothing to live for but his memories, nothing to live with but his gadgets, his cars, his guns, gimmicks... and yet the whole family can't bring him down from that, that...
Zachary: Honky paradise, brother?
Matthias: Forget the old ways, brother, all the old hatreds. Forget them, all your pains and remember...the Family is one.
View Quote [Enters a car dealership in search of a new car, talks to a decomposed corpse of a car salesman] Cannot say I am too crazy about the paint job...Thanks a lot you cheating bastard.
View Quote [first lines, as the last man on earth wrecks his car] There's never a cop around when you need one.
View Quote [hearing the "Family" loudly holding a book-burning revel] At it again, I see? What will it be tonight? Museum of Science? Some library? Poor miserable bas****.
View Quote [later, to the bust of Caesar] What day is it, anyway? Monday? Huh? The hell it is. It's Sunday. Sunday I always dress for dinner.
View Quote [makes drink] Join me? Hmm? Miserable schmuck! [to his own image on the video screen]