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Oklahoma! (1955)

Oklahoma! (1955) quotes

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Curly McLain

View Quote Ali Hakim: [about Gertie ****mings] I wanted to marry her when I saw the moonlight shining on the barrel of her father's shotgun.
View Quote Aunt Eller Murphy: [jumping up] NAAAAA, scared me ta death! Watch'you doin' rĂ³und here?
View Quote Aunt Eller Murphy: [with gun in hand] SING! SING! C'mon now! Sing!
View Quote Carnes: [to Ali, ****ing his gun] That's enough. In this country that better be a proposal of marriage.
View Quote Jud Fry: [to Laurey] I'm a hired hand. I got dirt on my hands. Pig slime. I ain't fit to touch you, am I - you're better. Oh, you're so much better! Well we'll see how much better you are, Miss Laurey, and then you won't be so free and easy and hifalutin' with your airs! You such a FINE lady!
View Quote Ado Annie: He called me his Persian kitten!
Carnes: What'd you call her that for?
Ali: Ohh - I don't remember...
Ado Annie: I do! He said I's like a Persian kitten cause they is the cats with the soft round tails!
View Quote Ado Annie: Sometimes there seems like times that men ain't got no need for women.
Girl: There's sometimes women ain't got no need for men.
Ado Annie: Yeah, but who wants to be dead?
View Quote Ali: It's a wonderful thing to be married. I got a brother in Persia got six wives.
Ado Annie: Six wives all at once?
Will: Why, sure. That's the way they do in them countries.
Ali: Not always; I got a brother in Persia only got one wife. He's a bachelor.
View Quote Ali: You'd hardly ever see your daughter no more!
Carnes: That'd be all right. Just take care of her, son.
View Quote Aunt Eller Murphy: [singing] I'd like to say a word for the cowboys.
Carnes: Oh, you would, would you?
Aunt Eller Murphy: [singing] The road he treads is difficult and stony. He rides for days on end with just a pony for a friend...
Ado Annie: I sure am feelin' sorry for the pony!
View Quote Laurey: Curly! You're sittin' on the stove!
Curly: Yeouch!
[Jumps up, feels the stove]
Curly: Cold as a hunk of ice.
Laurey: Wish it would've burned a hole in your pants.
View Quote Will: I don't know what to make of you! You're too purty to be a skunk! Too thin to be a snake! Too little to be a man, and too big to be a mouse! I reckon you're a rat!
Ali: That's logical.
View Quote Will: Now that I got that fifty dollars, you name the date.
Ado Annie: August 15th.
Will: Why August 15th?
Ado Annie: Because that was the first day I'se kissed!
Will: Oh was it? I didn't remember that!
Ado Annie: You wasn't there.
View Quote Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'
View Quote The Surrey With the Fringe On Top