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Oh, God! You Devil

Oh, God! You Devil quotes

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Bobby Shelton

View Quote I put the fear of me in you. ~ God Harry O. Tophet:  You bluffed.  You had nothing.  Why did I fold!?
God:  I put the fear of me in you.
View Quote You want anything, I'm at 666. ~ Harry O. Tophet Gary Frantz:  But I thought this was a trial period; that's what you said.
Harry O. Tophet:  I lied.  [begins exiting]  You want anything, I'm at 666.
View Quote "That Old Black Magic"
View Quote Gary Frantz:  Should I speak louder?
Harry O. Tophet:  Not unless you can't hear what you're saying.
View Quote Gary Frantz:  The rainbow disappeared.
God:  I'm trying to save on energy.
View Quote Gary Frantz:  Wait a minute.  Who are you?  [Tophet turns around, lights a cigar using his thumb]  My God!
Harry O. Tophet:  Guess again.
View Quote Harry O. Tophet:  You know, I don't have to do this.  Shelton came to me; I didn't go to him.  Rules are rules.  You're out of it.
God:  But you lied to him.  You told him it was for trial period.  Is that according to the rules?
Harry O. Tophet:  Technicalities!
God:  You don't have clear title to this boy.
Harry O. Tophet:  Neither do you.
God:  Looks like we're in a grey area here, doesn't it?
View Quote A deal is a deal.  It's finished.
View Quote He's always wanted to look like me, talk like me, be like me, but I'm God.
View Quote I keep my name out of the papers.  I'm more effective that way.
View Quote I love to scare the hell out of people.
View Quote I'd sell my soul to the devil to make it in this business, just for the chance.
View Quote I've just never seen wine with an expiration date before.
View Quote It's the little things I enjoy.
View Quote Listen, if I didn't exist, God would've had to make me up.  I make him look good.