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Oblivion (2013)

Oblivion (2013) quotes

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Jack Harper
Malcolm Beech

View Quote Jack Harper: What Horatius said was "how can a man die better, than facing fearful odds for the ashes of his fathers and the temples of his gods?"
Sally: I created you Jack. I am your god!
[Jack looks at Beech who nods and holds the detonator out to him]
Jack Harper: **** you Sally.
[Jack detonates the bomb, destroying the Tet]
View Quote Jack: How can a man die better...
Sally: You don't have to die, Jack. She doesn't have to die.
Jack: Everybody dies, Sally. The thing is, to die well.
View Quote Malcolm Beech: [about the captured drone] That is one pissed off weapon.
Jack Harper: No, its just a machine. I'm the weapon.
View Quote Sykes: We're wasting our time. The drone will track him here.
Malcolm: That's Sergeant Sykes. He thinks I'm a fool for having brought you here. I hope you prove him wrong.
View Quote [after Jack prepares the bomb and drone to attack the Tet]
Malcolm Beech: Ah I would love to be there to see that thing's face when this goes off!
Jack Harper: That'd be a one-way trip.
Malcolm Beech: Yeah. But it'd be worth it.
View Quote [after seeing the looks of hope on the Scavs thanks to Jack] Welcome back, Commander.
View Quote [explaining the history of the war to Jack] I'd been in the army less than a year when that unholy Tet arrived. Saw the Moon get taken out, right up there in the night sky. [voice breaking] Couldn't believe it. After that, nature took over.. there's bedrock around Chicago so we were spared the worst of the waves, quakes. Most people just starved. Then the Tet sent troop ships down. The doors opened and out you came: astronaut Jack Harper, thousands of you. Memory wiped. Programed to kill. It had taken one of our best and turned him against us. No soul, no humanity. The Tet... what a brilliant machine. Feeding off of one planet after another for energy. Phase two was drones, repairmen. Fifty years of watching those hydrorigs suck our planet dry. Then one day, I saw you set down, another drone to fix. But in the rubble that day was a book. You picked it up, you studied it. And I... thought I saw a way. When you stepped in front of that drone, saved her [indicates Julia] I knew: you were in there, somewhere, I just had to find a way to bring you back.
View Quote **** you Sally.
View Quote If we have souls, they are made of the love we share... undimmed by time and unbound by death.
View Quote Our job is not to remember, remember?