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North  (1994)

North (1994) quotes

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Joey Fingers

View Quote Ma Tex: [to North] We'd like you show you how much we're looking forward to having you as our new son. Ready, Pa?
Pa Tex: Ready, Ma!
Ma Tex: [singing] We had a son who was trampled by a ton of longhorns, but you're very cute to fill his boots as flat as they may be.
Pa Tex: [singing] You'll yell "yippee-yi=yo" with the rodeo 'til the day's done.
Ma Tex: [singing] Then you'll make a lot of pals with buffalo gals.
Pa Tex: [whispering] Just leave some for me!
Ma Tex: Hey, there!
Ma Tex, Pa Tex: [singing with a chorus] We'll barbecue steaks and stew, feed you pumpkin pie, 'til your can's bigger than the big ol' Texas sky!
Ma Tex: [singing] You'll grow tall and play football, be famous!
Pa Tex: [singing] You'll grow more, own a chain of stores, marry Betty Lou!
Ma Tex, Pa Tex: [singing with a chorus] Oh, North, North! Grow more!
[song ends]
Pa Tex: 'Nother rib, son?
View Quote News Reporter: Arthur Belt, the rising politician who drafted the bill...
Arthur Belt: [Winchell shuts off the TV] Wait! They were talking about me!
Winchell: Relax, Arthur, pretty soon you'll be hearing your name so much even YOU will be sick of it.
Arthur Belt: I highly doubt it.
View Quote North: How does that get me into a good college?
Governor Ho: Well since we don't use the letters B, C, D, and F, you're pretty much guaranteed to get straight As.
View Quote North: What are you doing here?
Gabby: Well, I finished all my chores, I thought I'd get a little shootin' in.
North: No, I mean, have you ever been an Easter Bunny?
Gabby: Easter Bunny?
Pa Tex: Careful, son, Gabby's killed men for less than that.
North: Oh, sorry.
Gabby: No harm done.
View Quote North: Where the hell are my parents?
Winchell: North, did you say the word hell? My, the summer's really broadened you.
North: Winchell, I've got exactly 10 minutes to find my parents, and if you don't tell me where they are, I'll show you how the summer's broadened me, you little asshole!
View Quote A bird in the hand is always greener than the grass under the other guy's bushes.  It's a metaphor used by gardeners and landscaping people in general.