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View Quote David Brice: [to Scott, who's arrived late] Order some breakfast! It's the most important meal of the day. You should take better care of yourself.
View Quote Susan Atwell: [as the band starts playing "D'ya think I'm Sexy" by Rod Stewart and two people start disco dancing] We've got a potential nausea situation building here!
View Quote Tom Farrell: [one of the Contras tries to follow him into the bathroom] I would rather do this myself. You can listen if you want to.
View Quote David: [after the computer has finished regenerating the Polaroid negative] Hey, take a look at this. Somebody get Donavan down here! It's Commander Farrell.
View Quote Schiller: [to Tom] In the Philippines when you passed that bag of underwear, Moscow was not amused! I should have acted then. But now it is no longer possible for you to remain United States. This bizarre incident has given them their Yuri, Evgeny Segevich.
View Quote Quartermaster: We've got a Soviet submarine out there. Captain wants us to track it 'til morning.
Tom: Good. It'll give us a chance to test the depth charges.
Quartermaster: Yeah. That'll be the day.
View Quote Susan: Are you one of them?
Tom: One of what?
Susan: These hypocrites. All posh and shiny getting ready for four more years of ramming it to the rest of us.
Tom: You're pretty cynical.
Susan: Adequate to the occasion.
View Quote [Tom and Susan are making out in the limo when Tom notices the driver is watching them]
Tom: What's your name?
Bill the Limo driver: Bill.
Tom: Hi Bill. Could you turn out that light, please.
Bill the Limo driver: Uh, sure.
Susan: [as the window goes up] Sorry, Bill.
View Quote Scott Pritchard: [about Brice] He's the most extraordinary person I've ever met in my life. If it came to it, I'd lay down my life for him.
Tom: Is that a job requirement?
View Quote Susan: [about the other man she is seeing] It's David Brice, Secretary of Defense. Satisfied?
Tom: You know I work for Brice?
Susan: I guess that makes two of us.
View Quote Tom: [about the Contras] Who are these men?
Scott: They're associated with Special Forces.
Tom: What? What does that mean?
Scott: It means that they are associated with Special Forces.
View Quote CIA Director Marshall: What's all this top secret business I've been hearing about over at the Pentagon?
Kevin O'Brien: Here's what we do have. CID is running a phone check. They're looking for all calls placed to a Susan Atwell.
CIA Director Marshall: Who's she?
Kevin O'Brien: Well, she's in the morgue at Fort Meade. She was murdered last night.
CIA Director Marshall: We know anything about it?
Kevin O'Brien: Get ready for this. We think she's either David Brice's or Scott Pritchard's mistress. Well she was seen with both of them. It didn't seem a high priority matter, so my people have been a little lax in following it up.
CIA Director Marshall: Well, spilt milk. And you can forget about Pritchard. He's homosexual.
Kevin O'Brien: I'll be damned.
CIA Director Marshall: So will he, if you believe the Old Testament.
View Quote [A Contra has chased Tom to the Secretary's Office when they are stopped by the MPs]
Tom: [to nearest MP] I am your superior officer and I am giving you a direct order to arrest this man.
Contra: I have orders from Pritchard!
Tom: Do it!
Contra: I have my orders from Pritchard!
Tom: [to Contra] Shut up!
[Tom kicks Contra in the groin, who is then dragged away by the MPs]
Tom: And if he resists, shoot him!
MP: Yes, sir!
View Quote [Scott Pritchard has committed suicide and Major Donavan has just stormed into Brice's office]
David Brice: Your search is over, Major!
Maj. Donovan: [looking at Scott's corpse] Is that...?
David Brice: He shot himself!
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