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No Way Out (1987)

No Way Out (1987) quotes

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Scott Pritchard

View Quote David Brice: [to Scott, who's arrived late] Order some breakfast! It's the most important meal of the day. You should take better care of yourself.
View Quote David: [after the computer has finished regenerating the Polaroid negative] Hey, take a look at this. Somebody get Donavan down here! It's Commander Farrell.
View Quote Schiller: [to Tom] In the Philippines when you passed that bag of underwear, Moscow was not amused! I should have acted then. But now it is no longer possible for you to remain United States. This bizarre incident has given them their Yuri, Evgeny Sergeyevich.
View Quote Susan Atwell: [as the band starts playing "D'ya think I'm Sexy" by Rod Stewart and two people start disco dancing] We've got a potential nausea situation building here!
View Quote Tom Farrell: [one of the Contras tries to follow him into the bathroom] I would rather do this myself. You can listen if you want to.
View Quote CIA Director Marshall: What's all this top secret business I've been hearing about over at the Pentagon?
Kevin O'Brien: Here's what we do have. CID is running a phone check. They're looking for all calls placed to a Susan Atwell.
CIA Director Marshall: Who's she?
Kevin O'Brien: Well, she's in the morgue at Fort Meade. She was murdered last night.
CIA Director Marshall: We know anything about it?
Kevin O'Brien: Get ready for this. We think she's either David Brice's or Scott Pritchard's mistress. Well she was seen with both of them. It didn't seem a high priority matter, so my people have been a little lax in following it up.
CIA Director Marshall: Well, spilt milk. And you can forget about Pritchard. He's homosexual.
Kevin O'Brien: I'll be damned.
CIA Director Marshall: So will he, if you believe the Old Testament.
View Quote Quartermaster: We've got a Soviet submarine out there. Captain wants us to track it 'til morning.
Tom: Good. It'll give us a chance to test the depth charges.
Quartermaster: Yeah. That'll be the day.
View Quote Scott Pritchard: [about Brice] He's the most extraordinary person I've ever met in my life. If it came to it, I'd lay down my life for him.
Tom: Is that a job requirement?
View Quote Susan: [about the other man she is seeing] It's David Brice, Secretary of Defense. Satisfied?
Tom: You know I work for Brice?
Susan: I guess that makes two of us.
View Quote Susan: Are you one of them?
Tom: One of what?
Susan: These hypocrites. All posh and shiny getting ready for four more years of ramming it to the rest of us.
Tom: You're pretty cynical.
Susan: Adequate to the occasion.
View Quote Tom: [about the Contras] Who are these men?
Scott: They're associated with Special Forces.
Tom: What? What does that mean?
Scott: It means that they are associated with Special Forces.
View Quote [A Contra has chased Tom to the Secretary's Office when they are stopped by the MPs]
Tom: [to nearest MP] I am your superior officer and I am giving you a direct order to arrest this man.
Contra: I have orders from Pritchard!
Tom: Do it!
Contra: I have my orders from Pritchard!
Tom: [to Contra] Shut up!
[Tom kicks Contra in the groin, who is then dragged away by the MPs]
Tom: And if he resists, shoot him!
MP: Yes, sir!
View Quote [Scott Pritchard has committed suicide and Major Donavan has just stormed into Brice's office]
David Brice: Your search is over, Major!
Maj. Donovan: [looking at Scott's corpse] Is that...?
David Brice: He shot himself!
View Quote [Tom and Susan are making out in the limo when Tom notices the driver is watching them]
Tom: What's your name?
Bill the Limo driver: Bill.
Tom: Hi Bill. Could you close the slide, please?
Bill the Limo driver: Uh, sure.
Susan: [as the window goes up] Sorry, Bill.
View Quote Do you realize the magnitude of the scandal? The Secretary of Defense and a Soviet agent sharing the favors of a murdered whore.