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Nine Dead

Nine Dead quotes

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View Quote Eddie: My name is Eddie Vigoda.
Sully: Hi, Eddie!
Eddie: I don't know, maybe that helps? Somebody?
Jackson: No, Eddie! No. It doesn't.
View Quote Father Francis: You're not going to like what I have to say.
Eddie: Anything is better than nothing at this point.
Sully: Either say it or don't.
Father Francis: I figured out why I am here.
Leon: Well, holy shit!
Father Francis: I know why someone else was in this room as well. I know what we have done to the man that holds us captive.
Jackson: So what is it?
Sully: Yeah, spill it!
Father Francis: I can't.
Jackson: What do you mean, you can't? Come on, Father!
Father Francis: What was said to me was said in confidence. I can't repeat it.
Leon: You want to play Pictionary or something? Fine. Me and you, Father, against (Kelley) and Mandarin Duck (Mrs. Chan).
Father Francis: I can't reveal what was said to me. There's nothing I can do. My relationship with God goes beyond my life and yours.
Jackson: This is bullshit, Father.
Sully: You better start talking right now, or so help me, I will goddamn crack that head of yours--
Father Francis: You'll do what? I'm facing death already. I have no fear of death when it comes to upholding the Lord's law. My loyalty will not be questioned. My devotion does not exist only when the situation deems convenient.
Sully: People are dead because of you.
Father Francis: You don't know that to be true.
Sully: The hell I don't, ****! Leon laid there dying, but at least he had the balls to speak his mind, even though it went against his own ****ed-up judgment. And now you're going to have all of us die because you're gonna keep quiet behind some collar and dusty oath?
Father Francis: Sully, would you turn in your brother for a lighter sentence?
Sully: My brother's dead.
Father Francis: So then your father? Would you give up your father to save your own skin?
Sully: I would never cross my father.
Father Francis: So then you can understand my situation.
Sully: No, I can't!
Eddie: It's like waking up from one nightmare into another.
View Quote Leon: [to shooter] I'll see you in hell.
Shooter: I know. [shoots Leon]
View Quote [A dying Leon is laughing.]
Sully: You finding something funny there, bleeding boy?
Leon: I'm gonna die like the man said, and you guys are gonna die with me. I got 8 minutes to live. And I've been thinking about you bitches. I got to make peace.
Sully: Look, if you're gonna die a happy man, then I'm gonna die a happy man laughing at your misery!
View Quote [repeated line] Why are you here?