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Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge, A

Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge, A quotes

16 total quotes

Freddy Krueger
Jesse Walsh

View Quote '[Jesse is afraid and wants to sleep at Grady's house]
Jesse: Something is trying to get inside of me.
Ron: Yeah, it's female and it's waiting for you in the cabana, and you want to sleep with me.
View Quote Biology Teacher: So, to review, the solid waste, those nutrients not absorbed by the lining of the stomach, the large intestine, the small intestine, and the alimentary canal are passed out through the colon.
(Ron makes farting sound)
View Quote Freddy: I need you, Jesse. We got special work to do here, you and me. (slams Jesse against the wall and gently tilts his head) You've got the body... (takes off his hat and digs his fingers into his skull) I've got the brain. (rips the skin open. The skin is ripped open so badly that Freddy's brain is exposed. Jesse screams in terror, while Freddy laughs wildly.)
View Quote Jesse: [while jogging] Hey, Grady, do you remember your dreams?
Ron: Only the wet ones.
Coach Schneider: No talking!
View Quote Kerry: [at a high-school cafeteria] So you goin' to Lisa's house tomorrow night?
Ron: [with mouth full of food] Nope. Can't. I'm grounded.
Kerry: Homw come?
Ron: I threw my grandmother down a flight of stairs.
View Quote Lisa: [reading Nancy's old diary] "Sometimes when I'm lying here in bed I can see Glen in his window across the way getting ready for bed. His body is slim and smooth, and I know I shouldn't watch him, but that part of me that wants him forces me to. That's when I weaken. That's when I want to go to him."
Jesse: Can I see that?
View Quote Lisa: Jesse, help.
Freddy: There is no Jesse! I'm Jesse now!
View Quote [Freddy snickers from behind the desk after Jesse's transformation]
Lisa: Jesse?
Freddy: [Raking his claw on the top of the desk before standing up and nearing Lisa] He can't hear you, because I'm him.
View Quote [attempting to kill Jesse;s little sister, Angie] Wake up, little girl.
View Quote [to Jesse's girlfriend, Lisa] He can't fight me. I'm him.
View Quote [to Jesse] Kill for me.
View Quote [while cleaning room, throws aside a shoebox] How do you like that, Dad?
View Quote Daddy can't help you now.
View Quote Help yourself, ****er! [throws a teen across a barbecue]]
View Quote Oh, God. He's comin' back.