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Night Moves

Night Moves quotes

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Harry Moseby

View Quote Joey Ziegler: He'd **** a woodpile on the chance there was a snake in it.
View Quote Joey Ziegler: Well, the world is getting smaller, the kids are getting younger and I'm getting drunk!
View Quote Marv Ellman: There's nothing like having a mother and a daughter. Gives you sort of a kind of perspective.
View Quote Arlene Iverson: Are you the kind of detective who, once you get on a case nothing can get you off it? Bribes, beatings, the allure of a woman...
Harry: That was true in the old days. Before we had a union.
View Quote Ellen Moseby: [of a football game] Who's winning?
Harry Moseby: Nobody. One side is just losing slower than the other.
View Quote Harry: What happened to your face?
Quentin: I won second prize in a fight.
View Quote Nick: Where do you know Arlene from?
Joey Ziegler: From way back.
Nick: Oh, yeah? What's your name again? Ziegler? Joey Ziegler?
Joey Ziegler: Joey Ziegler.
Nick: I don't think you were one of the names.
Joey Ziegler: What names?
Nick: One of those she cheated on Grastner with. I got them all.
Joey Ziegler: I'm one of a small, select group. We hold meetings in a telephone booth.
View Quote Paula: How do you resist Delly?
Harry: Oh, I just think good, clean thoughts, like Thanksgiving, George Washington's teeth.
View Quote Paula: Oh, that's a beauty.
Harry: Yeah, but he didn't see it. He played something else and he lost. He must have regretted it every day of his life. I know I would have. As a matter of fact I do regret it, and I wasn't even born yet.
Paula: That's no excuse.
View Quote Paula: Where were you when Kennedy got shot?
Harry: Which Kennedy?
Paula: Any Kennedy.
Harry: When the president got shot, I was on my way to San Diego. Football game. When Bobby got shot, I was sitting in a car waiting for a guy to come out of a house with his girlfriend. Working on a divorce case. One of those times I wish I was in another business.
View Quote Listen Delly, I know it doesn't make much sense when you're sixteen. Don't worry. When you get to be forty, it isn't any better.
View Quote When we all get liberated like Delly, there'll be fighting in the streets.
View Quote You told me fairy tales... About Malone... Billy Danreuther... The President getting shot... Your erect nipples!