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Newsies quotes

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Jack Kelly
Racetrack Higgins
Spot Conlon

View Quote Boots: Hey what is that? That all about us?
Spot: Where's me pitcha? Where's me pitcha?
Mush: Look at you Jack! You look like a gentleman!
Jack: Will ya please get ya fingers off my face.
Spot: Where does it say my name? Where's my name?
Jack: Will ya quit thinkin' about yourself?
View Quote David: Alright. Everyone, remain calm!
[Pause. Awkward tension.]
Jack: Let's soak 'em for Crutchy!
View Quote David: My father taught us not to lie.
Jack: Well, mine told me not to starve; so we both have an education.
View Quote David: You're a liar! You lied about everything. You lied about your father being out west, 'cause he's not out west! You didn't even tell me your real name!
Jack: So? What you wanna do about it Dave?
David: I don't understand you.
Jack: Oh, so let me spell it out for you. You see, I ain't got nobody tucking me in at night, like you. It's just me, I gotta look out for myself.
David: You had the Newsies!
Jack: Oh, what'd being a Newsie ever give me but a dime a day and a few black eyes? You know, I can't afford to be a kid no more, Dave. For the first time in my life, I got money in my pockets. Real money. Money, you understand? I got more on the way and as soon as I collect, I'm gone, I'm away.
David: Well, that's good! That's good because we don't need you! We don't need you! All those words you said, those were mine.
Jack: Yeah, but you never had the guts to put them across yourself, did ya?
David: I do now.
View Quote Jack: Didja miss me, Weasel? Huh, didja? Didja miss me?
Weasel: I've told ya a million's Wisel, and that's Mr. Wisel to you. How many?
Jack: Don't rush me, I'm perusin' the merchandise, Mr. Weasel!
View Quote Jack: Extra, extra, read all about it! Ellis Island in flames big conflablataion!
David: Hey, where's that story?
Jack: Page nine. Thousands Flee in Panic!
David: "Trash Fire Next To Immigration Building Terrifies Seagulls"?
Jack: Terrified Flight from Inferno!
View Quote Jack: Heya, Race.
Racetrack: Hey Jack.
Jack: How was your day at the track?
Racetrack: You know that hot tip I told you about? Nobody told the horse.
View Quote Jack: If we go on strike, then we are a union, right?
David: No. We're just a bunch of angry kids with no money.
View Quote Jack: So what about Brooklyn? Who wants Brooklyn? C'mon, Spot Conlon's territory. What'sa matta, you scared a Brooklyn?
Boots: [Aggresively] Hey, we ain't scared a Brooklyn! [Quieter] Spot Conlon makes us a little noivous.
View Quote Jack: We gotta get the word out to every newsie in New York! We need some of those...whadja call 'em?
David: Ambassadors?
Jack: Right. Okay, you guys gotta be ambas****...
View Quote Mush: So how'd ya sleep Jack?
Jack: On me back, Mush.
View Quote Ten Pin: Hey Cowboy! You miss the joint?
Jack: Whatd'ya say, Ten Pin? Listen, you got a new guy in there, Crutchy.
Ten Pin: The gimp? I'll get him.
Jack: [Muttering to himself] He's not a gimp.
View Quote World Employee: Hooligans!
Jack: So's your old lady! You tell Pulitzer he needs an appointment with me!
Les: [Through the crack of the closing door] Yeah!
View Quote [singing] We're a union just by sayin' so.
View Quote [singing] When I dream on my own I'm alone but I ain't lonely. For a dreamer, night's the only time-a day.