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The Naked City

The Naked City quotes

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Dan Muldoon
Willie Garza

View Quote Dan Muldoon: [After Niles has been rifling through his valise apparently to check whether a supposed burglar has struck] He got it didn't they?
Frank Niles: [Looking crestfallen] No, there's nothing missing. I don't have any valuables.
Dan Muldoon: What were you looking for so hard just now - your BVD's?
View Quote Dan Muldoon: No, the picnic is over, you've told your last lie. You're knee deep in stolen jewlery. You're involved in the Dexter Murder. You've been trying to obstruct justice all along the line. Now you're gonna tell me what I want to know or so help me if it's the last thing I do in this department, I'll get you twenty years. Now that's the truth Sonny Boy, and you know I'm not bluffing. Who's Henderson? Who's Henderson?
Frank Niles: Stoneman! It's Doctor Stoneman.
View Quote Dan Muldoon: What can you tell me about Mr. Niles' Business?
Perelli: He ain't got a business. It's a dodge. No credit rating. Dropped from his university club for non-payment of dues. Still owes a food and liquor bill of hundred and ten dollars and eighty three cents.
View Quote I don't know anything about medicine, doctor, but that's one prescription that never cured anything.
View Quote The world is so good but the people use to say that the world is not a good place to live in.
View Quote There are eight million stories in the Naked City; this has been one of them.
View Quote Thought you were off the liquor. Liquor is bad. Weakens your character. How can a man like me trust a liar like you? I can't.