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My Super Psycho Sweet 16

My Super Psycho Sweet 16 quotes

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Madison Penrose

View Quote Brigg: That was sweet.
Skye Rotter: Yeah well Kevin makes it easy. [awkward silence] Well see you later.
Brigg: Okay. [turns around] Hey Skye- you're in Mr. Neely's bio class right? Um did you finish the lab? [she stares at him] What?
Skye Rotter: Um nothing. I'm just not used to popular people talking to me.
Brigg: Well relax. I'm just like everybody else. Except way cooler. [both laugh] Yeah.
View Quote Brigg: You need a ride?
Skye Rotter: Uh no thanks. I'm good.
Brigg: It's a long walk in flip-flops.
Skye Rotter: You know I shouldn't even be talking to you. Your crazy girlfriend is the reason I'm rocking this one-piece.
Brigg: Ex girlfriend. Come on, I definitely owe you a ride home. Get in the car- come on.
[Brigg accidentally drives up on the curb.]
Brigg: Oh! Whoa. My bad. Look I'm really sorry Madison's been messing with you.
Skye Rotter: Yeah I guess she thinks there's like something going on between us...Weird right.
Brigg: So what- what are you doing Saturday night?
Skye Rotter: The usual, I mean me and Derek will probably just go to the mall and make fun of all the other kids that have no lives.
Brigg: Cool.
Skye Rotter: Um but I mean you know that's not set in stone or anything. I mean if something else came up...
Brigg: Actually I was wondering if you might want to hang out with me on Saturday.
Skye Rotter: What about Madison?
Brigg: What about her? We're broken up.
Skye Rotter: She wants to kill me.
Brigg: Don't worry, I got your back.
View Quote Derek: Okay, let's make a pact. If I haven't lost my virginity by the end of this semester, you'll take it from me.
Skye Rotter: Like by force?
Derek: Trust me, that won't be necessary.
Skye Rotter: I'm not going to sleep with you, Derek.
Derek: Oh come on look. We're best friends ok? Best friends sleep with each other. Please? I'd do it for you.
Skye Rotter: Have faith. You'll find some poor pathetic girl who will give it up.
Derek: You keep saying that. I just don't see it happening.
Skye Rotter: So I think Brigg was flirting with me this morning.
Derek: I think you're off your meds!
Skye Rotter: No seriously we had like a moment.
Derek: You and the Brigg-man huh? Yeah I mean that- that's that's cool. That's awesome. And it could happen. I'm not saying it couldn't. I mean you're cute. And you- you're really starting to fill out that A-cup.
Skye Rotter: Screw off. [puts her head on his shoulder] You're right it was probably nothing.
Derek: This is nice.
Skye Rotter: You seriously weird me out.
View Quote Kevin: Hey! Hey, weirdo!
Brigg: Leave her alone, man!
Kevin: No no no. You'd give your left nut to do it with this guy, wouldn't you?
Skye Rotter: Sounds like you'd give your left nut to do it with him.
Kevin: What'd you-what'd you say freak show?
Skye Rotter: Nothing I just think that Brigg can do better than a quarterback like you.
Kevin: Haha funny. Idiot! I'm not a quarterback, I'm a receiver.
Skye Rotter: I bet you are.
Kevin: What? That's not what- Look I'm not gay for Brigg!
[He looks at Brigg who is trying to hide his laughter.]
Brigg: I'm sorry.
Kevin: Okay you know what? [points to Skye] Screw you. [points to Brigg] And I'll see you at practise.
View Quote Madison Penrose: [after Olivia's corpse collides with her birthday cake] MY SUSHI CAAAAKE!!!!
Madison Penrose: You actually like that loser? What, do you have a serial killer fetish or something?
View Quote Madison Penrose: All right Olivia, what are you peeing your pants about?
Olivia: I just saw your ex flirting in the hallway with Skye Rotter!
Madison Penrose: Tell me you did not just say that.
Olivia: It's true! They were totally digging on each other!
Chloe: I can't believe Brigg is into that freak. I mean Skye Rotter is a psycho!
Madison Penrose: He's not into her. We just broke up. Besides when he sees me at my party, he'll be begging to get back with me.
Chloe: Definitely.
Olivia: I don't know Madison. There was a vibe going on there. I think she's trying to move in on him.
Madison Penrose: Well then we'll just have to remind Skye that there are some boys who are out of her league.
View Quote Madison Penrose: Help me, you freak!
[Skye closes the gate, trapping Madison with the killer.]
Madison Penrose: What are you doing? You can't do this!
Skye Rotter: Have a super birthday, Madison.
[Skye leaves Madison shouts after her.]
Madison Penrose: I always knew you were a psycho! You loser! You're nothing! You're a nobody! You suck!
View Quote Madison Penrose: Why are you doing this?
Skye Rotter: Because he thinks you deserve it.
Madison Penrose: That's not true. Tell him it's not true.
Skye Rotter: I tried to tell him Madison. I tried to tell you're a good person. That he's got you all wrong.
Madison Penrose: It's true. I-I am a good person.
Skye Rotter: But you're not. You're a monster.
Madison Penrose: I'm a monster? What about your crazy-ass, mask-wearing dad? He killed my friend! He killed the boy you like!
Skye Rotter: The boy you tortured me for liking.
Madison Penrose: That was a joke!
Skye Rotter: You're a bully Madison.
Madison Penrose: So I'm a bully, I'm a huge bitch. I don't deserve to die for that!
View Quote Madison Penrose: You psycho skank! You ruined my party!
Skye Rotter: It wasn't me! [figure appears] It was my father.
View Quote Skye Rotter: You know just once I would love to be a normal human being!
Derek: Well then you should crash Madison's party with me.
Skye Rotter: Yeah that's a terrible idea.
Derek: No no no Skye look. Maybe it's a really great idea? You always um..
[Woman on the computer moans.]
Skye Rotter: What are you looking at?
[Woman moans again.]
Derek: How do you clear your browser history?
View Quote [Doorbell rings]
Skye Rotter: Stay out of my underwear drawer.
Derek: That was one time. It was just once.
View Quote [Skye sees that Brigg is at the door.]
Skye Rotter: Wish I wasn't wearing sweats right now.
Brigg: Hey.
Skye Rotter: Hey...Something on your mind?
Brigg: Yeah. Listen about- about Saturday night. I'm not gonna be able to go...
Skye Rotter: Brigg it's cool. I mean, I get it. It's the party of the year.
Brigg: No no no no no it's not that. It's just- it's complicated me and Madison have historyand it's a big night for her...
Skye Rotter: Don't- don't even- don't even worry about it.
Brigg: Let me make it up to you.
Skye Rotter: Okay. Um...You and I both know this isn't gonna work. [He gives her a look] I mean you' and I' know.
Brigg: It's not like that.
Skye Rotter: It's exactly like that. I mean, I just need to accept the fact that I'm always going to be...
[Brigg kisses her.]
Brigg: I like you Skye and I wanna spend more time with you. I just have to go to this party. And- and after that you and me are gonna go out. Nice sweats by the way.
Skye Rotter: Shut up!
Derek: Was that Brigg!
Skye Rotter: You still wanna crash that party?
View Quote Idk Olivia!
View Quote The only reason Brigg would talk to a psycho like you is if he felt sorry for you.
View Quote What the WTF is she doing at my sweet 16!