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My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls quotes

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Sunset Shimmer

View Quote Twilight Sparkle: You see—
Pinkie Pie: (rapid fire) You’re from an alternate world and you’re a pony princess there and the crown actually has a magical element embedded in it that helps power up other magical elements and without it they don’t work anymore and you need them to help protect your magical world, and if you don’t get the crown tonight, you’ll be stuck in this world and you won’t be able to get back for like, a really, really long time! [squee]
(Twilight's jaw drops, Spike's jaw also drops.)
Rainbow Dash: Yeah. I’m pretty sure that isn’t the reason.
Spike: Nope, she’s pretty much spot on.
Rarity: HE CAN TALK?!?!
Spike: Oh, yeah. And back where I come from, I’m not even a dog! I’m a ferocious, fire-breathing dragon!
Fluttershy: (Shoves Rarity aside)! Tell me, what are you thinking right now?
(She smiles widely; Rarity's jaw drops.)
Spike: Sure would love a scratch behind the old ears.
Rarity: Gah...
Spike: Uh...maybe later.
Twilight Sparkle: How did you know all that?
Pinkie Pie: Just a hunch.
View Quote (Last lines; after Twilight runs into Pony Flash Sentry)
Twilight Sparkle: Who is that?
Princess Cadence: He’s a new member of the castle guard. Flash Sentry, I think. Why? Do you know him?
Twilight: Not exactly.
Applejack: Ooooh, somepony’s got a crush on the new guy!
Twilight Sparkle: No. No, I don’t.
Rarity: (gasps) She does! She absolutely does!
Twilight Sparkle: Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t even know him. He just—
Pinkie Pie: (rapid fire) Totally reminds you of a guy you met in the other world who played guitar and was in a band and helped prove you didn’t destroy all the decorations for a big dance, so you could still run for Princess of the big dance, and then asked you to dance at that dance, Right?!
(Long pause)
Twilight Sparkle: How did you know that?
Pinkie Pie: Just a hunch.
View Quote [In a Youtube Poop esque video about Twilight] Twilight Sparkle wants to be your Fall Formal Princess. But what does it say about our school if we give someone like this...such an important honor?