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Ann quotes

View Quote No one's normal, mom. No such thing as normal people.
View Quote (to herself) Now you feel like you want to take all the drugs in the world. But all the drugs in the world aren't going to change the feeling that your whole life's been a dream and it's only now that you're waking up.
View Quote Alone. You're alone. You've never been so alone in your life. Lies are your only company.
View Quote Ann: THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE. 1. Tell my daughters I love them several times.
2. Find Don a new wife who the girls like.
3. Record birthday messages for the girls for every year until they're 18.
4. Go to Whalebay Beach together and have a big picnic.
5. Smoke and drink as much as I want.
6. Say what I'm thinking.
7. Make love with other men to see what it's like.
8. Make someone fall in love with me.
9. Go and see Dad in Jail.
10. Get false nails. And do something with my hair.
View Quote Try and be patient with her [Ann's mother], okay? She... she is a good person even if it doesn't always seem that way. She's... none of the things she always dreamed about ever came true, you know? Try and understand her. Don't let her make you mad.
View Quote (to herself) You pray that they will have moments of happiness so intense, that all of their problems will seem insignificant by comparison. You don't know who or what you're praying to, but you pray. You don't even regret the life that you're not gonna have, because by then you'll be dead. And the dead don't feel anything. Not even regret.
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