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Clementine: It is wonderful to see you again, John. You are pleased that I came...? [Pause] My coming has made you unhappy.
Holliday: It was ill advised.
Clementine: Was it ill advised the way you left Boston?
Holliday: How'd you know I was here?
Clementine: I didn't. Finding you hasn't been easy. Cow camp to cow camp, from one mining town to another. I should think that if nothing more, you'd be at least flattered to have a girl chase you?
Holliday: Look Clem, you've got to get out of here...
Clementine: But I'm not!
Holliday: This is no place for your kind of person.
Clementine: What kind of a person am I, John?
Holliday: Please go back home Clem, back where you belong. Forget that you... [Holliday experiences a severe coughing fit]
Clementine: You're ill, John. So that's the reason you left.
Holliday: That has nothing to do with it.
Clementine: Foolish, foolish John, as if that would have mattered.
Holliday: I'll tell you, Clem, the condition of my health has nothing to do with it.
Clementine: I don't believe you, John.
Holliday: Then I'll give you the truth. The man you once knew is no more, there's not a vestige of him left. Nothing! Come, I'll take you back to the hotel.
Clementine: Please, John. You can't send me away like this. You can't run away from me any more than you can run away from yourself. Now I know why you don't care whether you live or die, why you tried to get yourself killed. Well, I've heard all about you John and you're wrong, so wrong. You have no right to destroy yourself. You have a world of friends back home who love you John, and I love you.
Holliday: There's a stage leaving in the morning for the East. Take it. If you don't, I'm moving on.
Clementine: Very well, John, I'll go.

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