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Dr. Van Neuter: Let's see here... Have you ever experienced any achiness in your tentacles?
Gonzo: I don't have tentacles!
Dr. Van Neuter: Good, no achy tentacles, good... Head ever come off?
Gonzo: No, I don't think so.
Dr. Van Neuter: Good, good, good. Any gingivitis?
Gonzo: No.
Dr. Van Neuter: Great. What about problems with that beaky thing you've got there? Itching, swelling, flaking?
Gonzo: Well, some flaking a couple years ago-
Dr. Van Neuter: [throws away clipboard] Oh, who cares? It's showtime! Here we go.
Gonzo: Oh, brother.
Dr. Van Neuter: Excellent, excellent.
Gonzo: What's that thing?
Dr. Van Neuter: I don't know. Here we go. Here we go. Just stay like that.
Gonzo: Okay.
Pepe: This way.
Miss Piggy: Whose bright idea was this, anyway?
Fozzie: Which way, Kermit?
Pepe: Kermin! Kermin! This way.
Miss Piggy: I can't breathe!
Pepe: Come on, Kermin!
Dr. Van Neuter: Okay. Here we go.
Gonzo: Wait, wait.
Dr. Van Neuter: What is it?
Gonzo: Are you sure this is covered by my HMO?
Dr. Van Neuter: Good question. I'll check.
Rizzo: Gonzo.
Gonzo: Rizzo. You're alive. Where have you been?
Rizzo: You don't want to know. Sit tight while I chew through these straps.
Gonzo: Yeah, yeah.
Rizzo: Okay.
Dr. Van Neuter: Good news. You're covered with a $10 co-pay. Okay, hold still. And remember, if you experience any unpleasantness, please let me know. I'd hate to miss it.
Rizzo: Do you mind?
Dr. Van Neuter: Excuse me. Wait! Oh, good Lord! A rat! I hate rats!
Bubba: Then today ain't your lucky day, Doc.
Rat #1: Ready for an operation?
Rat #2: A little experiment.
Pepe: Forward, Piggy. Forward.
Kermit: Doctor.
Pepe: Doctor.
Kermit: Doctor.
Pepe: Doctor.
Kermit: Just a couple of doctors.
Pepe: Doctors in the hallway. That was close.
Kermit: To the right, Fozzie.
Pepe: Forward, Piggy. Too fast, too fast. The door. Stop!
Kermit: What in the world?
Singer: This is big, general. I think we should notify the president.
General Luft: I'll be the judge of that.
Singer: As always, sir.
Dr. Van Neuter: No, don't tickle me!
Pepe: What do we do?
Miss Piggy: Will you please get me out of here?
Dr. Van Neuter: No, no, no! I can't breathe!
Gonzo: Hey, guys. Quick, get me out of here!
Singer: Today, sir... ...we must think with a big mind. Behold. Irrefutable evidence of extraterrestrial life.
Dr. Van Neuter: Release me...
Singer: This looks worse than it is, general. Obviously, the...
Dr. Van Neuter: Get off of me, you vermin!
Singer: The alien is loose in the building. But not to worry, because...
General Luft: Don't bother. You're terminated.
Singer: When you say "terminated"...
Agent Rentro: Well, how'd that go for you, then? Okay?

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