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Mayer: Joan, my Joan, you're in a position to do me a favor that will be as big a favor for you as it is for me.
Joan: You don't have to ask! You only have to tell me.
Mayer: Good. I want you to leave Metro.
Joan: Leave Metro? Leave Metro?
Mayer: Your pictures one after another are losing money. Theater owners voted you "box office poison". Still for years I've paid no attention. You know me, Joan. I don't give up so easily. We'll pay you off on your contract. But you can't afford to make three or four more losers for us.
Joan: It's the scripts, L.B. Bad pictures, bad directors...
Mayer: Bad with you, good with others.
Joan: No, listen to me L.B., I have been BEGGING YOU... begging you for a good script. Now you've always given me my share of bad movies because you knew I'd make them work. Well I can't keep doing it, L.B.!
Mayer: Listen with your ears and not with your pride. With me, feeling is more important than money. You're a great star! You're Hollywood royalty! But styles change. You'll leave. We have 'creative differences'. Other studios will think they're smarter than L.B., they'll try to finesse me. You'll be offered two, three, four films. You may even get a hit!
Joan: [in tears] Will you be sorry then?
Mayer: I'm sorry now. But here there's no feeling, no hope. New faces, new voices, breath of fresh air, who knows. Don't do this to yourself.
Joan: I'll have my maid and studio people clear out my bungalow. I've got a lot of years to collect.
Mayer: It's done, Joan. They've packed your things, they're loading your car.
Joan: You mean everybody already knows?
Mayer: That we parted friends because we didn't agree.
Joan: Will you walk me to my car? [L.B. doesn't answer] "Hollywood royalty".

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