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Molly Bloom: Why did you leave the prosecutor’s office and become a defense attorney?
Charlie Jaffey: My daughter.
Molly Bloom: You needed to make money.
Charlie Jaffey: That and I was usually one of the few people who knew where witnesses were being hidden.
Molly Bloom: It was dangerous.
Charlie Jaffey: Mm-hm.
Molly Bloom: So you didn’t leave the prosecutor’s office because you wanted to stand up for the innocent and believe everyone’s entitled to the best defense?
Charlie Jaffey: Not really.
Molly Bloom: It would have been helpful if you were Spencer Tracy or... I didn’t know who the Russians were. [pause] I can get you the two-hundred and fifty-thousand, I left ten times that on the street, it’ll just take some time.
Charlie Jaffey: We do pro bono work - we regularly lend out our best litigators like me to the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, veterans groups - but I don’t think I can convince my partners to take a flyer on the Poker Princess.
Molly Bloom: I didn’t name myself the Poker Princess.
[Charlie picks up a copy of Us Weekly that’s been tabbed and reads]
Charlie Jaffey: “Molly Bloom, the self-proclaimed Poker Princess...”
Molly Bloom: That’s Us Weekly? I agree it would be unusual for them to print something that wasn’t true but it’s not true and if you think a princess could do what I did you’re incorrect. I’m getting that you don’t think much of me but what if every one of your ill informed, unsophisticated opinions about me were wrong?
Charlie Jaffey: I’d be amazed.
Molly Bloom: Yeah you know what, bud? You would.
Charlie Jaffey: You don’t need me, you need a publicist.
Molly Bloom: No, I need a ****in’ lawyer!

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