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Charlie Jaffey quotes

View Quote Molly Bloom does not belong in a RICO indictment, are you outta your minds?! She does not belong in a mob indictment, she raked a game, that’s it, for seven months two years ago. Why? Because she was giving credit in the millions and she didn’t want to use muscle to collect. She’s had opportunity after opportunity to greatly benefit herself by simply telling the real stories she knows. I have the forensic imaging going back to 2007 - text messages, emails - movie stars, rock stars and billionaires who were explicit—some of them married with kids—but that’s the tip of the iceberg. A guy comes this close to being named U.S. Ambassador to Monaco, he’s withdrawn from consideration at the last minute and nobody knows why. She does. CEOs with college-age mistresses, an SVP of an investment bank who wanted her to help him put a marked deck in the game, the head of a movie studio who texted her that a particular star was too black for his taste, J. Edgar Hoover didn’t have this much shit on Bobby! She could’ve written a best seller, she could have been set for life, she’s got the winning lottery ticket and she won’t cash it. She settled the Brad Marion suit for a half a million dollars just so she wouldn’t have to testify and that was only the first time you guys cleaned her out. Your office took every dollar she had in a Constitutionally ****ed up seizure and then you put the IRS on her to tax the money you seized? I’ve been in those strategy meetings. You broke her back so she couldn’t possibly afford to defend herself. And now she has an opportunity to guarantee her own freedom by just...“providing some color”...and she still won’t do it. This woman doesn’t belong in a RICO indictment, she belongs in Congress. She belongs in the pulpit of a synagogue, she belongs on a box of Wheaties. So yes I am, I’m imploring you to do the right thing. She knows nothing about the three Mikes. She knows nothing about Taiwanchik or the TGO or insurance fraud. Between the two of us we’ve appeared in front of this judge 28 times as prosecutors and not once has he deviated from our sentencing recommendations, he’s not gonna start now. I know you’ve been putting this bust together for three years and there’s no one who doesn’t want to see mobsters in jail, including and especially the only person in this room who’s had one of them put a gun in her mouth. Probation. Community service. Or better yet, consider that all she did was run a poker game exactly the same way every casino in America does and drop the goddamn charges.
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