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Multiple Characters quotes

View Quote Benji Dunn:[panicked] Ethan no! What...Everyone's looking for you, alright? Everyone I know! Okay, okay. I've just looked up, you're on Interpol's most wanted list, okay, a fantastic list to be on. So whatever happened, I'm sorry, but I'm hanging up right now.
View Quote Declan Gormley: Now we've pissed off every Italian in Rome, go to do what you have to do.
View Quote Julia Mead :That's how it is with Rick! He's fine, he's fine and suddenly he's naked and hugging everyone.
View Quote Declan Gormley: [Response to Luther] Please, when do I not copy. All I do is copy.
View Quote Zhen: [Mocking Declan] All I do is copy.
View Quote Lindsey Farris (dying line) Ethan! Thank you...
View Quote Man on the phone: Hello, is this Mr. Ethan Hunt? [Ethan: Yes, it is] This is Ready-Travel Resort Services, we'd like to offer you a chance to win an all expense-paid trip to Mexico.
View Quote (Musgrave meets Ethan in 7/11)
Musgrave: Thanks for coming, can't decide what size Slurpee to get.
Ethan: I usually go for the 900-ouncer. (Musgrave s****s)
View Quote Luther: [On radio] So Raider One, at some point, we got to go over this whole "getting married" thing.
Ethan: Negative, Observer, I don't respect you nearly enough to have that conversation.
Luther: Well you may not respect me, but for now you got my voice stuck in your head.
View Quote (Ethan and Lindsey is held back in the factory by a henchman, who shoots madly at them)
Lindsey: I'm out, how many rounds have you got?
Ethan: [Checking his magazine] Enough.
[Ethan jumps out and fires in slow motion, killing the henchman with a single shot]
Ethan: [tosses the gun away] Now I'm out.
View Quote (during the helicopter chase)
Declan Gormley: Guys, a missile is hot!
[the missile flies past them, narrowing missing the chopper]
Declan: Alright that was lucky, we only get one of these.
[Soon after this, the enemy chopper locks another missile on them]
View Quote (IMF headquarter)
Brassel: I've read your brief on Agent Farris, and the word you used was "beyond capable", that still stands, Mr.Hunt?
Ethan:Mr.Brassel -
Brassel: Does it stand?
Ethan: Yes, sir, it does.
Brassel: Because we've got a corpse downstairs that says otherwise. Killed by a detonator implanted in her skull through the nasal cavity.
Ethan: Mr. Brassel, it is unacceptable to judge Agent Farris' competence through -
Brassel: It is unacceptable that choclate makes you fat, but I've eaten my share, and guess what? Now I aprrove that Agent Farris' surveillance operation is based on your evaulation, which is a woman who allow herself to be captured. So you go to recover her, you encounte a dozen men, and you don't grab any of them?
Ethan: Our objective, Mr.Brassel, is to recover Agent Farris. Davian constructs a core business circle and those men there were not likely to be holding any important information.
Brassel: Who's drawing these conclusions? [turns to Musgrave] Is that you?
Musgrave: I am, sir, based upon -
Brassel: I'm not on you yet! You allowed Farris to board the chopper without a scan, that explosive device could have taken you all out! There's only one reason that you are sitting before me today, and that is luck! Because your operation was poorly conceived, and executed worse!
Musgrave: Two laptops were recovered, and -
Brassel: I'm awared of that. We've talked to the Tech-Department, and they doubt they can reconstitute the drives. "Crispy", I believe that's what they called them, worthless.
Musgrave: Mr.Brassel, as the Operation Manager of this office, I have the authority to -
Brassel: Excuse me, did you just throw a title at me, Mr.Musgrave? I don't care if your daddy plays golf with the president. This is Intelligence, so far I haven't seen any. You think that operation was worth the risk, Mr.Hunt? [Gets up] What do you know about Owen Davian? [Holding a pile of files] He's the man who brought Gas Centrifuge technology to Korea, from Pakistan; [chucks a pile of sheet in front of Ethan] he's also the man who sold Toxin Five, to the Armada Republic of Jihad. [chucks another pile in front of him] He's the man who provides, provides, and provides. [chucking paper at each word] AND he remained invisible, he's a goddamned invisible man. Wells, not Ellison, in case you want to be cute again. We can't find him. He knows it, it's emboldened him. I've been trying to bring Davian down since the day I got here. Do you know what I got for it?
Musgrave: It has never been confirmed that the Toxin Five theft was Davian -
Brassel: Mr.Musgrave, please don't interrupt me when I'm asking rhetorical questions. [To Ethan] Your operation has achieved one thing. You have reminded Davian that he is winning. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and inform Mr and Mrs.Farris that their baby girl is killed in a head-on collision on I-98.
View Quote (Luther is examining the microdot Ethan found on the postcard Lindsey sent him)
Luther: It's a microdot. A microdot with nothing on it, this is unusual.
Ethan: Lindsey wouldn't send me a blank microdot.
Luther: I'm telling you, man, this's no image.
Ethan: Maybe you're not looking at the right place.
Luther: Well where the hell am I supposed to look? There's not much square footage to this thing.
Ethan: [walking back and forth] Why would Lindsey send me a blank microdot?
Luther: I don't know. Why would Lindsey send you anything? You were her instructor, not her handler. [Ethan turns and stares at him] Look, I don't mean to cross the line here, but was there something going on between you two? You and Lindsey?
Ethan: Lindsey was like my little sister.
Luther: And you've...never slept with your little sister? [Ethan stares at him again] Look brother, if I don't ask you, who would?
View Quote Ethan: The thing about Lindsey, is that she's brand new, sweet. Remember when you were sweet? Remember that far back?
Luther: Yeah. Well, barely.
Ethan: In Berlin you asked what I see in Julia. When I look at Julia, I see the life before all this. And that is good.
View Quote Benji Dunn: According to one of these e-mails, your Mr.Davian is going to attend a function in tomorrow afternoon at one Vatican City.
Luther: What the hell's Davian doing in Vatican?
Benji: Well, it's all got to do with "the Rabbit's foot".
Ethan: What is that?
Benji: I'm assuming it is a kind of code-word for a deadly weapon, something Davian is going to sell to his unspecified buyer for 850 millions, by the way. Or maybe it's not a code-name, maybe it is just a really, really expensive bunny appendage.
Ethan: Do you have any ideas what it is?
Benji:It's interesting - I used to have this professor at Oxford, okay? Doctor Wickham, his name was and he was, like, this massive fat guy, you know? Huge, big guy. We used to call him - you know, well, I won't tell you what we used to call him, but he taught biomolecular kinetics and cellular dynamics. And he used to sort of scare the underclassmen with this story about how the world would eventually be eviscerated by technology. You see, it was inevitable that a compound would be created which he referred to as the 'Anti-God'. It was like an accelerated mutator or sort of, you know, like a, an unstoppable force of destructive power, that would just lay waste to everything - to buildings and parks and streets and children and ice cream parlors, you know? So whenever I see, like, a rogue organization willing to spend this amount of money on a mystery tech, I always's the Anti-God. End-of-the-world kinda stuff, you know... [pauses, Ethan and Luther gaze at him thoughtfully] But no, I don't have any idea what it is. I was just speculating.
View Quote Ethan: Tomorrow is perhaps the only time we'll be able to predict where Davian will be: at Vatican City. Our mission, is to get in there, and kidnap Davian.
Luther: I don't know what he's so happy about. I did remind him that the Vatican is the Vatican. An 109 acres Sovereign State in the middle of Rome, surrounded by a sixty foot wall, which is monitored 24/7, with over 200 CCTV cameras!
Ethan: That's not even going make it a challenge.
View Quote (Declan calling Zhen during the mission)
Declan: Delta, do you copy?
Zhen: [mocking Declan] All I do is copy.
Declan: That's funny. Get moving now.
Zhen: I'm already on the way.
View Quote (In the deleted scene: Extended Vatican Entry. Zhen is trying to enter Vatican City while the guard looking for her name on the guest list)
Guard: Sorry ma'am, your name is not on the list.
Zhen: There's got to be a mistake, I have an appointment with Monsieur Divola today.
Guard: [checks the list again] Sorry, you'll have to turn around.
[Declan runs towards the gate, disguised as a guard and greets the guard at the gate.]
Declan: [whispers to the guard] I've just got my ass handled by Divola's office, She should be on the list. It's my mistake, trust me, don't make it yours.
[Declan comes to Zhen]
Declan: Mrs. Yin Chung?
Zhen: Yes.
Declan: Drive through the gate and turn left. [Opens the gate for Zhen to drive through]
Zhen: [to Declan] You are a sweetheart. [to the guard] You are too.
View Quote Luther: You see, normal relationship isn't viable for people like us.
Ethan: I don't agreee with you.
Luther: Then I'm smarter than you.
View Quote (Luther tries to convince Ethan to give up trying to get married while making the facial mask of Davian)
Luther: I'm not proud of it, I'm not happy about it, but I've lived with a woman a few times, and didn't even make it for two years.
Ethan: Thanks for your advice, I guess it is different to you than it is for me, I'm not in the field anymore.
Luther: Oh-Okay, here's a retirement present. [hands him the mask, Ethan puts it on] Our job is always between you and a woman, always.
Ethan: That's not true.
Luther: Dishonesty, a dishonesty that poisons everything.
Ethan: I've got to tell you something.
Luther: Stop talking. This isn't about you, Ethan. Whoever this girl is, you're going to end up messing her life too, don't do it.
Ethan: [Grabs Luther's wrists] Jules and I got married two days ago.
Luther: [pause] Congratulations.
Ethan: Thanks. [applauses come from the hall outside]
View Quote (Davian's bodyguard enters the bathroom to find Ethan, who is disguised as Davian, Declan is holding the real, stunnded Davian inches from the bodyguard, hidden behind the door.)
Bodyguard: Sir, is everything all right?
Luther: [On radio] Everything is not all right! Voice mask is still compiling, I'll need 30 second.
[The bodyguard stares at Ethan, confused, while Ethan stares back, then starts coughing]
Bodyguard: Sir?
Luther: Six seconds...
Bodyguard: [Steps forward] Sir?
Luther: Okay, go!
Ethan: [A short electronic glitch] I'm fine! Wait outside.
View Quote (Disguised as Davian, Ethan strolls out of the bathroom along with Davian's translator and bodyguard. Zhen encounters him at the hall)
Zhen: [Cantonese]
Translator: She's sorry about your shirt.
Ethan: That's no problem.
Zhen: [Cantonese]
Translator: Her hotel room has laundry services and she's happy to take care of it.
Ethan: You want to wash my shirt? Then what are we going to to do, waiting in your hotel room when I'm not wearing a shirt?
Translator: [translates]
Zhen: [replies]
Translator: She'll think of something.
Zhen: [Cantonese]
Translator: She'd like to drive.
Ethan: Good. [strolls off with Zhen]Follow us to the hotel.
Translator: Sir, would you like us to watch the case?
Ethan: No. [Whispers to Zhen] Nice job.
Zhen : [Whispers back] Thank you!
View Quote (Ethan peeps through the trapdoor in Zhen's car and greets Luther and Declan, who are holding Davian in the manhole of the sewers beneath)
Ethan: [deadpan] What's up.
Luther: [deadpan] Nuthin', what's up with you?
Ethan: [deadpan] Nothin'.
(Ethan and Zhen gets down the sewer)
Ethan: Blow the car.
Zhen: Oh, it's such a nice car.
Ethan: And yet, do it.
View Quote (Musgrave enters Brassel's office)
Musgrave: Ethan Hunt and his team just grabbed Davian in Rome, they're heading back now, thought you ought to know.
Brassel: [looks up] You were aware of this operation?
Musgrave: [pause] Yes, I was.
Brassel: Then good work.
View Quote (Ethan sees Brassel in the custody)
Brassel: [Looking down at Ethan from atop] Now I'm not a strange man to disrespect, you don't get to where I am without developing a thick skin. But there are things I will not stand for. Things that will lose my sleep over for - and I love my sleeps - is the idea of an irresponsible, rogue Agent working in my office. So I am going to slow things way down here.[draws his face nearer] You can look at me with those judgemental, incriminating eyes for all you want, but I bullshit you not. I'll bleed on the flag to make sure the stripes stay red.
View Quote (Ethan leaves the walkie-talkie in front of a cassette player after escaping from the custody, and Sister Sledge's We are family is heard playing through the walkie-talkie)
Brassel: You've got to be kidding me.
View Quote (Ethan goes into the building to steal "the Rabbit's foot" alone)
Ethan: [Radio] I have the Rabbit's Foot, but I can't make it to the roof!
Declan: What the hell d'you mean you can't make it to the roof - where are you?
Ethan: Look up! Look up! Look up!
[Declan and Zhen look up to see Ethan jumping out of the window of the building, barely a hundred metres above the ground]
Zhen: He's way too low!
View Quote (Ethan has just landed in the middle of the road after a nearly-fatal jump from the lab building)
Declan: Ethan, get in. They're coming!
Ethan: Who?
Declan: Building security. And they're pissed!
View Quote (Musgrave reveals himself to be the traitor)
Ethan: You told him. You told Davian Lindsey was coming, that's how he knew.
Musgrave: I thought you could get her back. But I wasn't going to let all people, to let Brassel to undo the work I've done. I took action, Ethan. On the behalf of all working families of America, the Army force, the white house. I've had enough of Brassel and his sanctimony. IMF director, he's an affirmative action poster boy. You grabbed Davian like he wanted, then what? Davian is a weed. You cut him down and two more springs he's just like the next day. Arrest him, then what? You use him. Collaborate with him. Then it's Christmas. In 18 hours, the Rabbit's foot will be sent to its Middle East buyer, we've got the Intel to prove that. Then the UN counsil will have an emergency meeting, we're taking a military strike in a week. Then when the sand settles, our country will do what it does best: cleaning-up, infrastructure, democracy wins.
View Quote (After Ethan and Julia escaped from Davian)
Julia: So, I think you should tell me why we are in China.
Ethan: for an Agency. It's called IMF.
Julia: What does it stand for?
Ethan: Impossible Mission Force.
Julia: [laughs] Shut up.
Ethan: I'm not kidding. You don't understand, everything I'm telling you is top secret.
Julia: You can trust me.
Ethan: I know.
View Quote (Last lines)
Brassel: You know, the White House rang up and they said they are very interested in a job for you.
Ethan: [grins] Thanks...but no.
Brassel: You are not thinking of quitting, are you, Ethan?
Ethan: I'm thinking of going on my honeymoon. [they both laugh, Ethan turns to leave]
Ethan: [turns back to Brassel] Oh, one more thing...The Rabbit's Foot, what is it?
Brassel: Promise me you will stay and I'll tell you.
Ethan: [pause, then laughs] I'll send you a postcard.
Brassel: Fair enough.
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