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Mission: Impossible II

Mission: Impossible II quotes

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Ethan Hunt
Mission Commander Swanbeck
Multiple Characters
Sean Ambrose

View Quote [Nyah is standing right in front of Ethan]
Luther Stickell: [over radio] Ethan, Nyah's in the building. Do you copy?
Ethan Hunt: [dryly, into radio] Thank you.
View Quote [steps in sheep droppings]
Luther Stickell: Shit.
Ethan Hunt: Yes it is.
View Quote [Ethan approaches him with a knife] Go ahead, Hunt. Use it. It's not a bad way to go. A lot better than the way that bitch is going to die.
View Quote [holds up the anti-virus in front of the infected Nyah] Feel like pleading for your life?
View Quote [takes off the mask to reveal it was Ethan Hunt under disguise] Ethan: ...all I need to hear.
View Quote And you knew that Nakorvitch's way of smuggling the virus in was through himself, using his bloodstream as a petri dish, you knew that did you. I bet you were so busy trying to knock of that 747 that you hadn't worked out what Chimera really was.[Ambrose: I knew what it was!]
View Quote As always, should you be captured or killed, the President will disavow all knowledge of your actions.
View Quote Clear the bridge for me.
View Quote Damn, you're beautiful
View Quote However we travel, I must arrive in my destination within 20 hours of departure.
View Quote Hunt, you should have killed me!
View Quote I don't do laundry, cook, or put up with cheeky bas**** that set me up on there territory so they can poach on mine.
View Quote If you look at Hunt's operational history, and I have, you'll notice that he invariably favors misdirection over confrontation.
View Quote In just a few hours you can be assured of going down in history as the typhoid Mary of Australia. G'day.
View Quote Now there's a bloke that knows how to give a proper welcome. Don't get me wrong, mate. You were very friendly also.