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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day quotes

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Delysia Lafosse
Guinevere Pettigrew

View Quote Delysia: Do you know what my name is, Guinevere?
Guinevere: I was under the impression it was Delysia Lafosse.
Delysia: Sarah Grubb. One of the Pittsburg Grubbs. My father is a steelworker. No one else in the world knows that apart from Michael. And he doesn't judge me.
Guinevere: No, he wouldn't.
Delysia: But you do.
Guinevere: Me? I certainly do not.
Delysia: Oh, you think you don't, but you do. For all the fancy apartments and fashion shows, do you know how close I am to having nothing? Every day I wake up and I think, if I make the wrong move, I could be out on that street with no clothes, no food, no job, and no friends. Just plain old Sarah Grubb again. Do you know what that's like?
Guinevere: Yes, I do.
Delysia: You do?
Guinevere: In that, at least, we are alike.
View Quote Edythe: [coming out the back door of the club] Told you about Gerry, has she? Didn't take you long to move on, hmm Joe?
Joe: Hello Edythe.
Edythe: Did she also tell you that she hangs around the soup kitchen at the station? A tramp masquerading as some sort of social secretary, my God.
Guinevere: [slightly embarassed] Goodbye Mr. Blumfield. [goes back inside]
Joe: [standing, buttoning his jacket] No, actually, she didn't. Neither about that, nor about you and Gerry. But I'm grateful for the truth for a change.
View Quote Guinevere: I'm afraid I walked in on your guest in his state of nature. I fear that I have outraged his sense of propriety.
Delysia: Oh no, Phil doesn't have one of those.
Guinevere: He's a much bigger boy than I had anticipated.
Delysia: [giggles] Oh, you noticed that too.
View Quote Joe: That scarf, if I may say, looks perfect on you.
Guinevere: Well, thank you. It was a present. You know, I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever worn.
Joe: The flatterer has been out-flattered.
Guinevere: Sorry?
Joe: It's one of mine, the design. Last year, for Mimi Coture.
Guinevere: [pleasantly surprised] My goodness!
Joe: [surprised and charmed] You really didn't know? Well that is a compliment indeed, madam, thank you.
View Quote [After accidentally bumping into Guinevere after leaving prison, spilling open her suitcase]
Michael: Oh, they'll have me back in prison for this. [Guinevere flinches back in terror] Oh. Nothing serious. Well, when I say serious...
[Guinevere flees in terror]
View Quote [After Joe and Guinevere are reunited]
Joe: Am I right in thinking you're no longer employed, Miss Pettigrew?
Guinevere: Quite correct.
Joe: So you're free?
Guinevere: Quite free. Might you be looking for a social secretary?
Joe: No, absolutely not.
Guinevere: Oh...
Joe: I'm looking for you. I've been looking for you all night, and I believe, all of my life. If you'll have me. [Guinevere is stunned into silence] A nod of the head will do me fine. [Guinevere nods] And I am, at a stroke, the happiest man in London.
View Quote [As Delysia prepares to leave for New York]
Guinevere: I will never forget the day we spent together. Not ever.
Delysia: Nor I... Oh, goodbye Guinevere, I love you!
View Quote [As younger partygoers cheer a squadron of bombers flying overhead]
Guinevere: They don't remember the last one.
Joe: No. No, they don't.
View Quote [Discussing Michael's abortive proposal attempt to Delysia and the reasons behind his spell in prison]
Guinevere: Dare I ask what happened?
Michael: After an hour and a half of bobbing around on my own, I opened the champagne. One glass didn't seem enough, one thing led to another... then I had a bit of a brainwave as we floated past the Tower of London.
Guinevere: Oh, dear.
Michael: Decided the ring I had wasn't good enough for her. And when a man wants a diamond, what better place to get one than the Tower of London? Well, the rest is all a bit hazy...
View Quote [During an air-raid drill]
Delysia: Guinevere, I'm scared!
Guinevere: It's just a drill, I'm sure it's just a drill.
Delysia: But it won't always be, will it? We're going to war, aren't we?
Guinevere: Yes we are. And that is why you must not waste a second of this precious life. Listen to me. Once I too had ambitions. Not your grand ones, simple ambitions. Marriage, children and a house of our own. He died, in the mud in France. A good, solid man. You would call him dull, no doubt, but he smiled whenever he saw me and we could've built a life on that. Your heart knows the truth, Delysia. Trust it.
View Quote [Watching air-raid spotlights being tested; regarding the oncoming war and the previous one]
Guinevere: I don't think I can bear it again.
Joe: Did you lose many?
Guinevere: Just one. You?
Joe: Almost every school friend I had. One tries to forget.
Guinevere: If only one could.
Joe: You know, I've distracted myself with ridiculous things; youth, parties, lingerie. I mean, I trained in socks for goodness sake.
Guinevere: [amused] Socks?
Joe: [mock affront] There's a great deal of engineering in a gentlemen's sock, I'll have you know. In the stitching of the heel. By comparison, designing a brassiere is a piece of cake. Not that there aren't compensations.
Guinevere: None of them over 20, I imagine.
Joe: And all very easy on the eyes. But you know what? I'm done with it. I'm going back to gentlemen's hosiery. You know where you are with an honest pair of socks.
Guinevere: You certainly do.
View Quote [Whilst dancing]
Joe: Are you all right?
Guinevere: Yes. Well, to take another woman's escort.
Joe Blumfield: You didn't take me. I took you. I'm sure Edythe can cope. What happened to that particularly beautiful scarf you were wearing at the fashion show?
Guinevere: What are you talking about?
Joe: Despite your most elegant transformation, the body is still the same.
Guinevere: Mr. Blumfield!
Joe: As are the eyes. Most fetching if I may say.
Guinevere: [flattered but prim] I'm not sure you should say.
Joe: I'm sorry; an occupational habit. A bad one. I have to remember you're not like these people.
Guinevere: Am I terribly old fashioned?
Joe: Indeed you are. And all the better for it.
View Quote [After Guinevere confesses her 'pretending'] Guinevere, Sarah Grubb is not going to judge anybody for 'pretending'.
View Quote I have no one. I am not an expert on love, I am an expert on the lack of love, Delysia, and that is a fate from which I wish more fervently to save you.
View Quote Men are so untrusting. I can't think why