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Millers Crossing

Millers Crossing quotes

55 total quotes

Eddie Dane
Johnny Caspar
Tom Reagan

View Quote Tom: All in all not a bad guy - if looks, brains and personality don't count.
Verna: You better hope they don't.
View Quote Tom: Hello, Brian. Still fighting the good fight?
Officer Brian: Hello, Tom! Neither rain nor wind nor snow...
Tom: That's the mailman!
View Quote Tom: I am awake.
Tad: Your eyes are shut.
Tom: Who you gonna believe?
View Quote Tom: So what's the deal, you get to live and Verna has to be Leo's girl?
Bernie: I have nothing to do with that, she'll sleep with anyone Tom, you know that! She even tried to teach me a thing or two about bed antics once. Some crackpot idea about saving me from my friends. She's a sick twist all right.
Tom: She speaks highly of you.
Bernie: Yeah, well, you stick by your family.
View Quote Tom: Think about what protecting Bernie gets us. Think about what offending Caspar loses us.
Leo: Oh, come on, Tommy. You know I don't like to think.
Tom: Yeah. Well, think about whether you should start.
View Quote Tom: You're a fickle boy, Mink. The Dane finds out you got another "amigo," well, I don't peg him as the understandin' type.
Mink: Find out? We ain't even been talkin'! Jesus, Tom! Dammit! Jesus!
View Quote Tom: [on finding someone sitting in the dark in his apartment] Hello Bernie
Bernie: Hey Tom. How'd you know it was me?
Tom: You're the only one I know who'd knock and then break in.
Bernie: Your other friends wouldn't break in, huh?
Tom: My other friends want to kill me so they wouldn't've knocked.
View Quote Verna: I thought you said you didn't care about Leo no more.
Tom: I said we're through. That's not the same thing.
View Quote Verna: Leo's got the right idea. I like him, he's honest and he's got a heart.
Tom: Then it's true what they say. Opposites attract.
View Quote Verna: Shouldn't you be doing your job?
Tom': Intimidating helpless women is my job.
Verna: Then go find one, and intimidate her.
View Quote Verna: That's not why you came, either.
Tom: Tell me why I came.
Verna: [seductively] The oldest reason there is.
Tom: There are friendlier places to drink.
View Quote Verna: What you doing?
Tom: Walking...
Verna: Don't let on any more than you have to.
Tom: the rain.
View Quote Verna: What're you chewin' over?
Tom: Dream I had once. I was walkin' in the woods, I don't know why. Wind came up and blew me hat off.
Verna: And you chased it, right? You ran and ran, finally caught up to it and you picked it up. But it wasn't a hat anymore and it changed into something else, something wonderful.
Tom: Nah, it stayed a hat and no, I didn't chase it. Nothing more foolish than a man chasin' his hat.
View Quote Verna: Why don't we just pick up and leave town? There's nothing keeping you here. I know there's nothing keeping me.
Tom: What about Bernie?
Verna: He could go with us.
Tom: You, me and Bernie; where would we go, Verna? Niagara Falls?
View Quote Verna: You think you've raised hell.
Tom: Sister, when I've raised hell, you'll know it!