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Monte: You went to considerable trouble to get rid of me once. So naturally, I'm startled by your proposal of marriage. This is so sudden.
Mildred: I have my own personal reason for wanting to marry you.
Monte: A reason named Veda, I think.
Mildred: Why should it be?
Monte: 'Cause your reason for doing anything is usually Veda.
Mildred: Well, whether it is or isn't, what's your answer?
Monte: I can't afford you, Mildred. You have money and I haven't. All I have is pride and a name, and I can't sell either.
Mildred: I see.
Monte: I'm not enjoying this, Mildred. Things are very different now from the way they were in the beginning.
Mildred: I know. I haven't forgotten.
Monte: Neither have I. I want you to love me again the way you did then. I need that more than anything else. I'm lost without it. I told you that day I knew you were the only woman in the world for me. I loved you then, Mildred, and I love you now.
Mildred: Well then why...
Monte: I can't marry you. I won't go on taking tips from you as I used to. Of course, if I owned a share in your business...
Mildred: Oh I see. I think I understand now. How much of a share would your pride require, Monte?
Monte: Please don't put it that way, Mildred. You know it hurts me to do this. I'm only doing it because I...
Mildred: How much of a share?
Monte: One third.
Mildred: All right. [He moves to kiss her. She raises her glass to block him.] Sold. One Beragon.

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