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Veda: If you bought the uniform for Lottie, and I certainly can't imagine who else you could have bought it for, then why shouldn't she wear it?
Mildred: You've been snooping around ever since I got this job, trying to find out what it is. And now you know! You know, don't you?
Veda: Know what? Know what, Mother?
Mildred: You knew when you gave that uniform to Lottie that it was mine, didn't you?
Veda: Your uniform?
Mildred: Yes, I'm waiting tables in a downtown restaurant.
Veda: My mother - a waitress.
Mildred: I took the only job I could get so you and your sister could eat and have a place to sleep and some clothes on your backs.
Veda: Aren't the pies bad enough? Did you have to degrade us?
Mildred: Veda, don't talk like that!
Veda: I'm really not surprised. You've never spoken of your people - who you came from - so perhaps it's natural - Maybe that's why father...
[Mildred suddenly lashes out and viciously slaps Veda across the face.]
Mildred: I'm sorry I did that. I'd have rather cut off my hand. I never would have taken the job if I hadn't wanted to keep us all together. Besides, I wanted to learn the business the best way possible.
Veda: What kind of business?
Mildred: The restaurant business. I'm planning on opening a place of my own. There's money in a restaurant if it's run right.
Veda: You mean, you mean we'll be rich?
Mildred: Some people have gotten rich that way.

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