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Midsommar quotes

22 total quotes


View Quote Sven: [after one of the sacred books goes missing] Where is your friend? Yosh?
Christian: I know, ah... We have no idea.
Sven: He, and your other friend – They both disappear the same day. You see how it looks?
View Quote Sven: We describe it like “emotional sheet music.”
Josh: What does it say?
Sven: Well...each runic letter represents one of the 16 affects, which are graded from most holy to most unholy. This here is about Grief. You can see at the end, however, we have blank pages? This is because the Rubi Radr is a constant work in progress. Always evolving.
Josh: And who decides what’s added?
Sven: Well – this iteration is being written by Ruben.
Josh: Wait. The...disabled?
Sven: Since birth. Ruben is unclouded by normal cognition. It makes him open for the source.
Josh: So...what happens when Ruben dies? Do you just wait until a new baby isn't “clouded”?
Sven: Ruben was a product of inbreeding. All of our Oracles have been deliberate products of inbreeding.
View Quote [in Swedish] This high my fire. No higher. No hotter!
View Quote And now, in keeping with tradition: Hjalmar and Josef will make three trips. If they make it back with the flame intact, our vintage will be abundant this year! On the other hand, if it burns out – that will be an omen of bad luck and we will know to prepare.
View Quote My parents died in a fire.
View Quote Nature just knows instinctually how to stay in harmony! It’s mechanical. Everything doing its part.
View Quote Oh, mercy – please: You should have been warned better. What you just saw is a long, long, long observed custom. Those two men has just reached end of the Hårga life-cycle. It is a great joy for them, you must realize. And when I do so, it will be a great joy for me. We view life as a circle. Okay? A re-cycle. One thing falls and another rises. The first man who jumped: his name was Olof. Yes? That baby, who is not yet born, will inherit this name. He will be Olof. And if it is a girl, she will take the name of our last fallen lady, which was Dagmar. But instead of growing old and getting sick and dying in pain and shame and fear, we’ll give our life – as a gesture. Yes? A gift. And we will leave this chapter with dignity and gratitude. Before it can spoil. It does no good to die kicking and screaming and lashing back at the inevitable. It corrupts the soul.