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Enrico Salvatore 'Ratso' Rizzo quotes

View Quote [to Joe] Terrific shirt.
View Quote I'm walkin' here! I'm walkin' here! [bangs hand on car] Actually, that ain't a bad way to pick up insurance, you know. Note: the bolded portion is ranked #27 in the American Film Institute's list of the top 100 movie quotations in American cinema.
View Quote You know, with proper management, you could be takin' home fifty, maybe a hundred dollars a day, easy.
View Quote The X on the windows means the landlord can't collect rent, which is a convenience, on account of it's condemned.
View Quote Got my own private entrance here. You're the only one who knows about it. Watch the plank. Watch the plank. Break your god-damn skull. No way to collect insurance.
View Quote It's not, not bad, huh? There's no heat here, but you know, by the time winter comes, I'll be in Florida.
View Quote You know, in my own place my name ain't Ratso. I mean, it just so happens that in my own place, my name is Enrico Salvatore Rizzo...At least call me Rico in my own god-damn place.
View Quote The two basic items necessary to sustain life are sunshine and coconut milk. Did you know that? That's a fact. In Florida, they got a terrific amount of coconut trees there. In fact, I think they even got 'em in the, uh, gas stations over there. And ladies? You know that in Miami, you got, uh, you listenin' to me? You got more ladies in Miami than in any resort area in the country there. I think per capita on a given day, there's probably, uh, three hundred of 'em on the beach. In fact, you can't even, uh, scratch yourself without gettin' a belly-button, uh, up the old kazoo there.
View Quote End up a hunchback like my old man? If you think I'm crippled, you should have caught him at the end of the day. My old man spent fourteen hours a day down in that subway. He come home at night, two to three hours worth of change stained with shoe polish. Stupid bastard coughed his lungs out from breathin' in that wax all day. Even a **** undertaker couldn't get his nails clean. They had to bury him with gloves on.
View Quote Not bad, not bad for a cowboy. You're OK. You're OK.
View Quote You want the word on that brother and sister act. Hansel's a ****, and Gretel's got the hots for herself so who cares, right?
View Quote I don't think I can walk anymore. I've been fallin' down a lot. I'm scared...You know what they do to ya when, when they know you can't, when they find out that you can't walk-walk. Oh Christ.
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