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Messenger, The (2009)

Messenger, The (2009) quotes

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Capt. Tony Stone
Dale Martin

View Quote Captain Tony Stone: I know what you're thinkin'. You're thinkin' shit, I'm a goddamn decorated war hero with three months left to serve, and they draft me into the angels-of-death squadron. I get a beeper, a canned speech, and a lunatic commanding officer to serve a ****in' ocean of grief. Am I right?
Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery: More or less, sir. Am I right?
View Quote Captain Tony Stone: If she's into you, she's into some weird shit.
Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery: Thank you, sir, I'll make a note of that.
View Quote Captain Tony Stone: It should be in the next couple of blocks...
Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery: We should just ask someone.
Captain Tony Stone: No! First of all, men don't ask for directions. Much less soldiers.
View Quote Captain Tony Stone: You gotta wake the **** up! You're not in high school, you're not in a ****in' rock band, you're in the Army.
Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery: Yeah, I know. I know I'm in the Army. I gave blood to the Army. I got blown up in a fire-fight that lasted longer than your entire war. I didn't sunbath in Kuwait with the rest of the POGs.
View Quote Olivia Pitterson: Did you ever lose anybody?
Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery: Yeah. Friends, over there. My father, during peace time, drunk driver.
Olivia Pitterson: Did they catch him?
Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery: No, my father was the drunk driver.
View Quote Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery: Why did you join?
Captain Tony Stone: A dare.
Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery: A dare? Why are you still here?
Captain Tony Stone: Well, they offered me a commission, and no one dared me to leave. And I dare you to stay.
View Quote [walking to deliver the news to a wife that her husband has died] It could be worse. It could be Christmas.
View Quote All I ever wanted was to get shot at. Is that too much to ask for, on the battlefield? A battle?
View Quote Look at that tree. Look at that ****ing tree! The same age as my son!
View Quote Men are the ones that try harder to keep it together. They also can hurt you.