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Mark of Zorro, The (1920)

Mark of Zorro, The (1920) quotes

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Sgt. Pedro Gonzales

View Quote Soldier: This Zorro comes upon you like a graveyard ghost and like a ghost he disappears.
View Quote Title Card: Oppression - by its very nature - creates the power that crushes it. A champion arises - a champion of the oppressed - whether it be a Cromwell or someone unrecorded, he will be there. He is born.
View Quote Title Card: Out of the mystery of the unknown - appeared a masked rider who rode up and down the great highway..
View Quote Lolita Pulido: I - give you - freely - the kiss he would have taken. [kisses Zorro] I fear for your safety, señor.
Zorro: Fear not - their wits are as slow as their blades. The weapons you use pierce deep, señorita.
View Quote Lolita Pulido: Why do wear a mask?
Zorro: Perhaps to hide the features of a De Bergerac.
View Quote Lolita Pulido: Your swordsmanship? Where did you learn the blade?
Zorro: In Spain, señorita, where there are no eyes like yours.
View Quote Sgt. Pedro Gonzales: We seek the vulture, Zorro!
Don Diego Vega: You're too fat, Gonzales. Poison the mountain tops and set your traps in the clouds - perhaps you'll have better luck.
View Quote Zorro: I have a servant - a wonder at the guitar. Tonight I shall order him to come out and play beneath your window.
Lolita Pulido: I have a maid - passionately fond of music!
View Quote Zorro: Once, in a garden I saw a beautiful rose - I sought to pluck it - quickly. It stung me - Then - - slowly - - cautiously - I reached for it - - and the rose was mine!
Lolita Pulido: Indeed! Then I'm but another rose?
Zorro: An, no señorita. You are too wonderful! I dare not even hope.
View Quote Zorro: You trust me, Señorita?
Lolita Pulido: To love is to trust, señor.
View Quote [passionately wooing Lolita] If this could be - The high Sierras I would level to your feet - The wild waves on Capistrano's shore should pay you homage - I'd make the desert a million roses yield - - to die in shame before your beauty- If this could be!
View Quote I give you a safe rule, good landlady. Never do anything on an empty stomach - but eat!
View Quote It's a good thing for that carver of Z's that he keeps out of reach of my sword. I'll carve Gonzales all over his body.
View Quote Justice for all! Punishment for the oppressors of the helpless - from the governor down.
View Quote No force that tyranny could bring would dare oppose us - once united. Our country's out of joint. It is for us caballeros, and us alone, to set it right!