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Hannibal Lecktor: This is a very shy boy, Will. What were their yards like?
Will Graham: Big back yards. Fences, hedges. Why?
Hannibal Lecktor: Because, my dear Will, if this pilgrim imagines he has a relationship with the moon, he might go outside to look at it. Have you ever seen blood in the moonlight, Will? It appears quite black. If one were nude, it would be better to have privacy for this sort of thing.
Will Graham: That's interesting.
Hannibal Lecktor: No, it's not. You thought of it before.
Will Graham: I considered it.
Hannibal Lecktor: You came here to look at me, to get the old scent back again, didn't you?
Will Graham: I want your opinion.
Hannibal Lecktor: I don't have one right now.
Will Graham: Well, when you have one, I'd like to hear it.
Hannibal Lecktor: Can I keep this?
Will Graham: I haven't decided yet.
Hannibal Lecktor: I'll study them. When you get more files, I'd like to see them, too. You can call me. When I have to call my lawyer, they bring me a telephone. Would you like to leave me your home phone number?
Will Graham: No.
Hannibal Lecktor: [short pause] Do you know how you caught me, Will?
Will Graham: [getting up from his seat] Goodbye, Dr. Lecktor. You can leave messages for me--
Hannibal Lecktor: Do you know how you caught me?
[Will intensely knocks on the prison door to be let out]
Hannibal Lecktor: The reason you caught me, Will, is we're just alike. [Will keeps knocking. A prison guard opens the door] Do you understand? [Will leaves] Smell yourself.

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