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Man of the West

Man of the West quotes

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Dock Tobin
Link Jones
Sam Beasley

View Quote Billie Ellis: What are you lookin' at?
Link Jones: Your shoes.
Billie Ellis: [Looking down] My shoes? Oh, that makes this trip worthwhile. You're the first man who's looked at that part of me since I was 14 years old.
View Quote Claude: We're gonna kill you, Link. That's a promise!
Link Jones: You sound a little shaky, Claude. Are you nervous?
View Quote Link Jones: [Startled by the train engine] That's the ugliest thing I ever saw in my life!
Sam Beasley: [Sardonically] You never met my ex-wife.
View Quote Sam Beasley: Hello, Billie! Billie, you're lookin' very good!
Billie Ellis: Thanks, and I thought the only thing that looked good to you was a marked deck.
View Quote [to Link] I put a piece of work into you. Every last idea that shot through your head was mine. I remember every bloody minute of it.
View Quote Don't you talk anymore, Claude? We used to talk, you and me, when we were kids. What happened? Things have kind of gone to hell haven't they? And you're still at it - stealing and killing and running.
View Quote Lassoo's a ghost town, and that's what you are, Dock! You've outlived your kind and outlived your time, and I'm comin' to get you!
View Quote Mr. Jones is lookin' to stretch his legs although I don't think he want them any longer than they are. [laughs]
View Quote There's a point where you either grow up and become a human being or you rot, like that bunch.