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The Man in the Moon

The Man in the Moon quotes

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Abigail Trant
Dani Trant

View Quote Court: Have you ever been kissed before?
Dani: Sure. Lots of times.
Court: Yeah... I'll bet. Well you just almost got yourself more than kissed, little girl.
Dani: I'm not a little girl.
Court: You are too Dani! You're a little girl and you don't know what you're doing.
View Quote Court: Well maybe if you were just a little bit older, you could understand.
Dani: If I were just a little older, I could do everything.
View Quote Court: You know you don't have to come along.
Dani: Are you sure you can find your way, it's an awful big town.
Court: Are you always in the habit of going where you're not wanted or is this a new thing with you?
Dani: Are you always this nice to people you just met or are you practicin' up to be a horse's butt?
View Quote Dani: I love you, Court.
Court: Don't! Don't love me now. When things are so mixed up.
View Quote Dani: I want you to be the first boy I ever kiss.
Court: I thought you'd been kissed "so many times."
[Long, awkward pause, then Court leans over and they kiss]
Court: How was that?
Dani: Perfect.
View Quote Dani: I'm afraid nothing's ever gonna make sense again.
Maureen: Maybe life's not supposed to make sense.
Dani: Doesn't that scare you?
Maureen: Yes.
Dani: I wish we could still talk to the Man in the Moon. Don't you?
Maureen: It would be nice.
Dani: Will we always talk like this?
Maureen: Always.
View Quote Matthew: Now, Dani, you and Maureen are gonna be sisters for a long time. Maureen's been good to you all your days. Remember that.
Dani: Don't ask me to forgive her.
Matthew: You got a right to be upset. You got a right to be hurt.
Dani: You don't know what she did.
Matthew: I know enough. But I also know that Maureen's hurting real much as you...maybe even more. And if you get so involved in your own pain that you can't see when someone else is hurting, you might as well crawl into a hole and pull the dirt right in on top of you 'cause you'll never be any good to yourself...or to anyone else.
View Quote [to Matthew, about Dani] Used to be she was too little. Now she's too big. I guess she passed by 'just right' when no one was lookin'.
View Quote Did'ja ever like somebody so much... that it almost made'ja sick?