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Magnolia quotes

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Claudia Gator
Frank T.J. Mackey
Jim Kurring
Multiple Characters
Quiz Kid Donnie Smith

View Quote "How to Fake Like You Are Nice and Caring"
View Quote ...whatever you wanna tell me, whatever you think might scare me, won't... and I will listen... I will be a good listener to you if that's what you want... and you know, you know... I won't judge you... I can do that sometimes, I know, but I won't... I can... listen to you and you shouldn't be scared of scaring me off or anything that you might think I'll think or on and on and just say it and I'll listen to you...
View Quote Avi Solomon: Donnie, You got struck by lightning last summer you were on vacation in Tahoe, I don't think braces is a good idea.
View Quote Burt Ramsey: We met upon the level, departing on the square.
View Quote Dixon: When the sunshine don't work, the good Lord bring the rain in.
View Quote Earl Partridge: I'll tell you the greatest regret of my life: I let my love go.
View Quote Jimmy Gator: The book says, we might be through with the past, but the past ain't through with us.
View Quote Phil Parma: Why are frogs falling from the sky?
View Quote Stanley Spector: This happens. This is something that happens.
View Quote Stanley Spector: You need to start being nicer to me.
View Quote Burt Ramsey: You smell like trouble.
Jimmy Gator: I'm ****ing hammered, Burt.
View Quote Gwenovier: What are you doing?
Frank T.J. Mackey: I'm quietly judging you.
View Quote Jim Kurring: Now, some neighbors claimed they heard screaming and a loud crash.
Marcie: I don't even know no loud crash.
View Quote Young Pharmacy Kid: Strong, strong stuff here. What exactly you have wrong, you need all this stuff?
Linda Partridge: Mother****er...
Young Pharmacy Kid: What are you talking about?
Linda Partridge: Who the **** are you, who the **** do you think you are? I come in here, you don't know me, you don't know who I am, what my life is, you have the balls, the indecency to ask me a question about my life?
Old Pharmacist: Please, lady, why don't you calm down - ?
Linda Partridge: **** you, too. Don't call me "lady". I come in here, I give these things to you, you check, you make your phone calls, look suspicious, ask questions. I'm sick. I have sickness all around me and you ****ing ask me about my life? "What's wrong?" Have you seen death in your bed? In your house? Where's your ****ing decency? And then I'm asked ****ing questions. What's... wrong? You suck my dick. That's what's wrong. And you, you ****ing call me "lady"? Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on both of you.
View Quote [officer Kurring has just handcuffed Marcie to a couch]
Marcie: This is bullshit. This is ****in' bullshit.
Jim Kurring: I want you to stay right there, Marcie.
Marcie: This is bullshit mother****er. Mother-goddamn-****er it's bullshit and you know it!
[officer Kurring moves down the hall to investigate a disturbance]
Marcie: Don't go down my hallway! Don't go down my mother****in' hallway! This is bullshit mother****er! Don't go in my god damn bedroom!
Jim Kurring: This is the LAPD. If there's someone back here...
Marcie: What I tell you? What I tell you? Ain't nobody in there! Where the **** you goin' mother****? Don't go in my mother****in' bedroom and stay outta my mother****in' closet!
[officer Kurring enters her bedroom]
Jim Kurring: This is the LAPD. If there's someone in this closet, come out right now, or you will be shot.
[Marcie begins dragging the couch towards the bedroom]
Jim Kurring: Marcie! Do not drag that couch any further!
Marcie: There's nobody in my mother****ing closet, mother****er! This don't make no sense! This don't make no goddamn sense! Why can't you goddamn talk to me? This is bullshit mother****er!
[officer Kurring opens the closet and finds a dead body]
Jim Kurring: Whoa! What the hell is this, Marcie?
Marcie: That ain't mine!