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Fanny: Eugene Morgan isn't in your father's thoughts at all one way or the other. Why should he be?...
Uncle Jack: Are you two at it again?
George: What makes you and everybody so excited over this man Morgan?
Uncle Jack: This man Morgan.
Fanny: Excited!
Uncle Jack: Oh, shut up.
Fanny: Can't...can't people be glad to see an old friend without silly children like you having to make a to-do about it? I've just been suggesting to your mother that she might give a little dinner for him.
George: For who?
Fanny: For whom, Georgie.
George: [mocking her] For whom, Georgie.
Fanny: For Mr. Morgan and his daughter.
George: Oh look here. Don't do that. Mother mustn't do that.
Fanny: [mocking him] Mother mustn't do that.
George: Wouldn't look well.
Fanny: Wouldn't look...See here Georgie Minafer! I suggest that you just march straight on into your room. Sometimes you say things that show you have a pretty mean little mind.
George: What upsets you this much?
Uncle Jack: Shut up!
Fanny: I know what you mean. You're trying to insinuate that I get your mother to invite Eugene Morgan here on my account...
Uncle Jack: I'm gonna move to a hotel.
Fanny: ...because he's a widower.
George: What?
Fanny: What?
George: Ha, ha, ha. [Fanny cackles back in mock laughter at him] I'm trying to insinuate that you're setting your cap for him and getting mother to help you?
Fanny: OH! [Fanny slams her door on him]
George: Is that what you mean?

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