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View Quote Train agent: That must be your friend over there. They didn't leave much of him (pointing to the Nightrider's coffin).
Bubba Zanetti: Must have cut his heart out, eh?
Train agent: Yeah. That's what I meant. Poor bastard...
Toecutter: (intimidating the agent) The Nightrider, that is his name. The Nightrider.
Train agent: (scared) The Nightrider...
Toecutter: Remember him when you look up the night sky.
Train agent: I will.
Toecutter: Take your hat off.
Train agent: (takes his hat off) Anything you say?
Toecutter: Anything I say... What a wonderful philosophy you have! Take him away. (after a pause) Bubba, Johnny...(makes the sound of a candle being blown out)
View Quote (after a multiple auto accident, Jim the Goose slides his motorcycle across the pavement and comes to a halt next to a pick-up truck)
Pick-up truck driver: Oh my God! What happened?
Jim the Goose: I don't know, man, I just got here myself!
View Quote [his last lines to Bubba Zanetti after Bubba runs over Max's arm] Quit toying Bubba!
View Quote [Tauntingly frighten after May threatens him and his gang with her shotgun] Ahh! I hate guns!
View Quote Bronze! Gonna get you! (to Max and Goose, after they found him)
View Quote Easy. I know what I'm doing. (his last lines; to Toecutter, when fighting with Max on the road)
View Quote Hey fella, stop! What a turkey. Hey fella, you're a turkey, y'know that? (to the guy escaping from the place where his car was broken by the Toecutter's gang)
View Quote I can't stand the pain! (to the Toecutter, refusing to burn Jim 'Goose')
View Quote I don't know, man, I just got here myself. (to a driver after his accident)
View Quote I'm a fuel-injected suicide machine! I am a rocker, I am a roller, I am an out-of-controller! (Nightrider's rant over the police radio).
View Quote I'm scared, Fifi. You know why? It's that rat circus out there, I'm beginning to enjoy it. Look, any longer out on that road and I'm one of them, ya know? A terminal crazy, except I've got a bronze badge that says I'm one of the good guys. (To Fifi McAffee about his resignation).
View Quote If you're gonna waste the Bronze, you gotta do it big! (after shooting the mannequin)
View Quote It's alright you'll get your chance. But, remember... to keep your sweet, sweet mouth shut (to Johnny the Boy after Johnny recklessly shot the mannequin with Toecutter's shotgun and the two were in the water alone with Toecutter threatening Johnny with the shotgun).
View Quote Jimmy the Goose, larger than life and twice as ugly! (after being assisted by Midge, the friend that gave him his car)
View Quote Joviality is a game of children. (to the Toecutter, commenting about the mannequin and two guys from the gang)