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View Quote Ms. Giddy: We are not things. We're not things!
View Quote Rictus Erectus: I had a baby brother! I had a little baby brother! And he was perfect! Perfect in every way!
View Quote Slit: By my deeds I honour him, V8.
View Quote Slit: Mediocre Morsov! Mediocre!
View Quote The Ace : Why can't you stop?
View Quote The Dag: [referring to Max] He's a crazy smeg who eats schlanger!
View Quote The Dag: [to Max] I thought you weren't insane anymore.
View Quote The People Eater: We are down thirty thousand units of gasoline, nineteen canisters of nitro, twelve assault bikes, seven pursuit vehicles: the deficit mount and now sir, you have us stuck in a quagmire!
View Quote The Splendid Angharad: Who killed the world?
View Quote Imperator Furiousa: Hey. What's your name?
[No response.]
Imperator Furiousa: What do I call you?
Max: Does it matter?
Imperator Furiousa: Fine. When I yell "fool," you drive out of here as fast as you can.
View Quote Imperator Furiousa: They are looking for hope.
Max: What about you?
Imperator Furiousa: Redemption.
View Quote Nux: He's gonna be so grateful! We could ask for anything. I want to drive the War Rig. What will you ask for?
Max: [rips jacket off Nux] That's my jacket.
Nux: Sure. I mean, you could ask for more than a jacket.
View Quote Nux: Immortan! Immortan Joe! [Immortan Joe glances at Nux] Ah! He looked at me! He looked right at me!
Slit: He was staring at your Blood Bag!
Nux: He turned his head! He looked me straight in the eye!
Slit: He was scanning the horizon!
View Quote Nux: Immortan, if I can get onto the rig, there's a way inside.
Immortan Joe: What is your name?
Nux: It's Nux. I'll pike her in the spine, keep her breathing for you.
Immortan Joe: No. [gives Nux a revolver] Put a bullet in her skull. Stop the rig. Return my treasures to me and I myself will carry you to the gates of Valhalla.
Nux: Am I awaited?
Immortan Joe: [sprays Nux's mouth with chrome spray paint] You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome.
View Quote Nux: There is high ground, just beyond that thing!
Capable: He means the tree.
Nux: Yeah. Tree!