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The Love Bug

The Love Bug quotes

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Jim Douglas
Mr. Thorndyke

View Quote Carole: Help, I'm a prisoner! I can't get out!
Van Hippy: We all prisoners, chickee-baby. We all locked in. [looks at his partner] Huh, a couple of weirdos, Guenivere.
View Quote Carole: I wonder if your reputation is altogether true.
Jim Douglas: What's my reputation?
Carole: Well, I've heard that Jim Douglas is only interested in fast cars and easy money.
Jim Douglas: Not true.
Carole: Oh.
Jim Douglas: Mm-hmm. You know something else?
Carole: What?
Jim Douglas: When the light hits you just right, you're as beautiful as General Grant on a $50 bill.
View Quote Jim Douglas: What do you know? Engine stalled.
Carole: [tries to get out] How about that? Door's stuck. That's how it is with cars sometimes. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens next.
Jim Douglas: Well, as someone very wisely once said, "That's how it is with cars sometimes."
Carole: I just said that.
Jim Douglas: Oh.
View Quote Jim Douglas: Where's the beast? You didn't cut up the Edsel!
[Jim notices the Edsel's grill mounted on the wall.]
Tennessee Steinmetz: Came over me all of a sudden. Seemed like the only decent thing to do. Believe me, Jim, it'll be happier up there.
View Quote Jim Douglas: Why is it the only food we have in this house is parrot food? I mean, we don't *have* a parrot.
Tennessee Steinmetz: Eat that! That's good! That's pressed kelp. That aerates your liver.
View Quote Mr. Thorn****: Good evening.
Tennessee Steinmetz: Sorry, the other rats are out for the evening!
View Quote Mr. Thorn****: What part of Ireland did you say your mother came from?
Tennessee Steinmetz: Coney, Island.
View Quote [Jim accidentally bangs Herbie against Thorn****'s Rolls-Royce]
Mr. Thorn****: Have you gone mad?
Jim Douglas: Okay, what's the joke?
Mr. Thorn****: What do you mean?
Jim Douglas: I don't know how you rigged it, but I'm sure that car is a real cut-up when a convention comes to town.
Mr. Thorn****: What in the name of...
Jim Douglas: If I'd wanted a trick car, I would have bought one at a joke shop.
Mr. Thorn****: Allow me to say that I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about. You come billowing up in that beastly little car, and assault my personal Rolls-Royce!
Jim Douglas: ...I brought it back! I want my money, I want the papers I signed, and then I'll get outta here, and you two clowns can, can have your little laugh.
Carole: Mr. Douglas, if there is anything wrong with the car, would you be good enough to tell me what it is?
Jim Douglas: Well, there's nothing essentially wrong with the car. It's just that it wants to go one way and I'd like to go the other-
Mr. Thorn****: Well, whatever it is, none of it is covered in our guilt-headed guarantee.
Jim Douglas: Oh, I'm sure of that.
View Quote [Thorn**** kicks the little car]
Jim Douglas: What's that for?
Mr. Thorn****: I beg your pardon!
Jim Douglas: Well, why don't you let the little car alone?
Mr. Thorn****: Are you presuming to tell me what to do in my own establishment?
Jim Douglas: Ok, I'm out of line. It just bugs me to see somebody abusing a decent piece of machinery.
Mr. Thorn****: [laughs coldly] How fascinating. Now that you've had the benefit of your point of view, shall we regard our relationship as terminated? Havershaw! Get this eyesore out of my showroom. And if I ever find it in here again, someone is going to find himself in a great deal of trouble!
View Quote [with Herbie closing in on the Thorn**** Special during the El Dorado race]
Mr. Thorn****: Havershaw, I'm not a cowardly man, but I get the feeling that thing is out to get me.
Havershaw: Now, now, sir, none of that. We're not losing our nerve, are we?
Mr. Thorn****: BLAST you, Havershaw! How dare you patronize me! I am not losing my nerve!
Havershaw: No, sir. No, sir, of course not.
View Quote At a time like this, whatever kind of time it is, I always say money serves to ease the pain.
View Quote Has everybody gone nuts around here? I can understand how Tennessee feels, he's just in off a flying saucer.
View Quote I may be kidding myself, but I think I can make something out of that sad little bucket of bolts.
View Quote I salute your honesty, my dear, a quality not necessarily to be despised.
View Quote Without a real car, I'm only half a man.