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[Ralph and Piggy walk to Castle Rock together to retrieve Piggy's glasses. Ralph with a spear, and Piggy with a stick to help him walk]
Roger: Halt! Who goes there!
[Will whistles, and Tex joins him and Roger to look down the cliff at Ralph and Piggy]
Ralph: Don't be stupid, you know who we are! We brought the conch and I'm calling an assembly! Where's Jack?!
Jack: What do you want now?!
Ralph: You heard me! We brought the conch and I'm calling an assembly!
Jack: Why don't you two just **** off?! This is my end and my tribe! Keep to your own end!
Ralph: You're the one that won't keep to your own end! Tearing up our camp and stealing Piggy's glasses! You've gotta give 'em back!
Jack: Got to?! Who says?!
Ralph: I do!
[Jack walks towards Ralph with his spear]
Ralph: Piggy can't see! If you wanted to have a fire all you had to do was ask!
Jack: I don't have to ask!
[Jack whacks his spear onto Ralph's. The two start fighting. The boys standing on the cliff slope cheer on for Jack. Ralph jumps right at Jack, and the two continue fighting without the spears. Piggy watches them, still currently sightless. Ralph kicks Jack, and the conch blows, ending the fight. Jack and Ralph look at the blower: Piggy, who then blows again]
Piggy: I've got the conch! Let me speak!
Tony: Get out of here, Piggy!
[Jack pushes Piggy's arm, and walks back to the slope. Above, Will and Roger are chucking stones]
Ralph: Stop that, Roger! Let Piggy speak!
[Will wolf-whistles. All the boys on the slope start simultaneously berating Piggy]
Piggy: Please! This is serious!
Tony: Get out, fat ass.
Luke: Go away.
Tony: Go back to your own camp!
Piggy: [As the other boys are still berating him] What I wanna say is...if we don't get rescued...we might have to live here for a long time!
Tony: Shut up!
Piggy: Maybe the rest of our lives!
[Roger put his spear to one side]
Piggy: If we are stuck here until we get old, then we can't go on acting like kids!
[Ralph looks up at Roger]
Piggy: We've gotta be sensible and make things work!
[Roger pushes the boulder off the cliff]
Ralph: NOOOO!!!!!
[The boulder smacks Piggy in the head, and blood appears. His stick and the conch both fall out of his hands. He falls back onto the ground. Ralph looks down at Piggy, then at Jack, then up at Roger, and then back at Piggy. Piggy lies still on the ground, head covered in blood, and his wide open eyes have gone from sightless to unseeing. Ralph feels his chest. Piggy's heart doesn't beat. Ralph looks at Jack, very anxiously]
Ralph: [To Jack] You're not gonna get away with this.
Jack: Yeah? And what are you gonna do? Huh? What are you gonna do about it?
[Ralph still looks at Jack, shocked as he does so]
Jack: You're out of it pal, you're on your own!
[Jack picks up a rock and chucks it towards Ralph. The other boys on the slope do the same, as does Roger. Ralph runs away, as Will chucks a stone towards him. Ralph dodges them all as he runs]

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