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Ralph: The reason I'm calling this assembly is, too much people are screwing around when they should be working. I mean there's a bunch of things. Some kids don't even know when to use the bathroom.
Tony: Yeah. There's this one kid, the other day he took a shit in his pants and then sat in it! I'm not naming names because it's possible, Mikey couldn't help it!
[The boys laugh and tease Mikey]
Piggy: Everybody shut those goddamn mouths! Ralph's got the conch!
Ralph: All I mean is we have to have more discipline, and more spearfishing. We've gotta have real food.
Rapper: [Offscreen] We should be hunting pigs
Ralph: That's all I got to say. Anyone else want the conch?
Luke: Some jerk-off stole my pocketknife.
Steve: Yeah, things are disappearing all over.
Will: What are we gonna do with thieves when we catch 'em?
[The boys all start all shouting out their opinions]
Tony: Shove their dick in the conch!
Sam: Put a stick up their butt! Ram it in there!
Ralph: OK, OK! We can't have kids stealing and just running wild. We're gonna have to have stricter rules. And hand out demerits, I guess.
[The boys scoff and joke at the idea]
Roger: Demerits?
Rapper: Demerits for grand larceny?
Will: Eat shit and die!
Jack: [Pumping a fist in the air] YEAH!
[The boys all continue laughing out of excitement. Peter goes up to Ralph, and the boys all stop]
Peter: Sir?
[Ralph looks at Peter]
Peter: Are we ever going home?
Ralph: Of course we are. As soon as they see our signal.
Peter: Jack says that we're never gonna be rescued.
Ralph: No, you misunderstood him, that's not what he meant.
Jack: That's exactly what I meant. There's eight million islands out here. Why should they find this one?
Ralph: [To Peter] Don't listen to him. We will be rescued, Peter, honest.

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