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Adjutant: [to the phone] Just a moment, Herr Oberst. [to his superior] I wonder why he hasn't been court-martialled yet.General Wolfgang Häger: First of all, he has shot down 132 planes. [into the phone, jovially] Hello, Pips, my old boy!Oberst Josef Priller: [sarcastically, irritably] Now don't try to get me this way: "Pips, my old boy!" My dear Hart, you were an abysmal pilot when we were in Russia together. Now you're directing from a desk - BUT YOU'RE STILL AN ABYSMAL PILOT!Häger: [with strained amusement] Excuse me? What are you talking about?Priller: I'm just talking about me sitting on this empty, God-forsaken airfield near Lille, with only two planes left ... two pathetic bangers! - [takes a drink; sarcastically] Yes, yes - your orders were followed to the letter, that means that my three squadrons are flitting around God-knows-where! Ground crews, supplies, everything is ferried around by truck. So can you tell me what I'm still supposed to do here?!Häger: [irritably] Now listen up, Pips! We had to spread out our combat squadrons - we had to! Just look at what's been happening at the airfields near Pas-de-Calais for the past two nights now!Priller: But this whole idea is pure madness! Madness, I'm telling you!! You're placing all the detachments to the rear instead of the front! - Yeah, yeah, I know myself that the weather is dreadful and that they will hardly come over here with their invasion in all this muck ... but what happens if they do? Will we relocate then, eh? - You know damn well that I can't contact my supply units within the space of tomorrow or the day after! Oh man, you're all just crazy. YOU'RE TOTALLY NUTS, MAN!! [slams down the receiver]

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